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CRS so umm…

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No, just after I was 18 yrs old. Occasionally.

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Yeah, I started when I was 17 and by 20 had stopped. It wasn’t that often that I would.. Maybe once a month. Beer became the recreational drug of choice once our friends got old enough to easily buy it.

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Yes and still do. But i don’t really ever drink. Theres just too many bad things that come out of it as apposed to marijuana with virtually zero side effects.

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@uberbatman as with all drugs (including alcohol) there are long-term effects; my younger brother has partaken for the last 13 or so years, and have to admit, his short-term memory has really suffered…so I have to disagree w/you on ‘virtually zero side effects’.

But YMMV, just my personal take on it. BTW my comment above was meant in jest (CRS); I just learned about that term, and while I did experiment as a kid, I noticed the “collateral damage” it was doing for me and others in my circle, and eventually ended it.

Also, I think addiction is a side effect that everyone eventually has to contend with on one level or other…but it’s you’re party-hopefully this isn’t mistaken as a judgement or advice giving…I was fortunate in finding other, simpler joys in life to supplant the partying-enjoying my family, for example.

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yes and never really cared for it as alcohol was more my thing. Now I’m trying it and it has helped me very much with pain. How it does this I’m not sure. Still I do find it odd as to how it does this. However,many
of today medications state that they don’t understand how they work they just ” know ” they work. I hope someone will figure this out so Gods green medication will be utilized by those whom need it.

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No, but growing up in New Orleans it made a lot more sense to drink both because of the accessibility and the highly social culture.

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where i live its really easy to get a sack of weed… theres also the constant peer pressure to do it… i started snoking when i was 16 n still do it… i have noticed the side effects such as memory loss and the damage it does to my lungs… but somehow i still enjoy doing it.. alcohol is really not my thing…

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not until college when it became more accessible

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Not as a kid but I tried it a few times in college. The first time it didn’t have any effect but the last few times it did and kinda freaked me out so I stopped. I’ll stick to alcohol. ;)

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i started smoking my junior year of high school. and i still do. and i drink. i sound like a pothead/alcoholic but i’m really not. its all about moderation.

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I smoked pot socially when I was 15, but by 17 had given it up. At the time my reasoning for stopping was that it was “boring.” Later I figured out that as a Meyers-Briggs INFP personality type, my everyday personality is pretty similar to what people become when they’re high (perhaps without the munchies) so the effects on me are a bit redundant/anticlimactic. It was interesting to watch everybody around me finally start seeing the world the way I did though.

It actually gave me a good reference point for when my friends started drinking, and I just never developed that habit. I still don’t drink. Why use anything to temporarily modify my personality, when I can modify it to my liking permanently with a little effort?

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