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Why is the Caps Lock button so big?

Asked by Haffi112 (232points) September 10th, 2009

It’s annoying because there could be another button there actually doing something useful.

It looks like a button you need only in an emergency.

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Is it really that big ? i thought space of enter was bigger , think of the keys they could replace them with ..

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It’s not that big. It’s also not the only useless button. In fact, it’s not even the most useless button.

Stop whining.

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I’d say tab was more important than the Caps Lock button.

I’m not whining, just pointing out things…

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Now, “scroll lock”, that is conundrum.

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Homer Simpson is still waiting for his tab to arrive

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So that my clumsy typing fingers can hit it randomly and annoy the hell out of me regularly.

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@Marina Maybe you would like this , @Haffi112 Are these too big? Link

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Yeah, I never use Caps Lock. I just hold down SHIFT (always the left shift; I don’t think I’ve ever used the right shift in my entire life).

I’m not sure what could replace it, though. Maybe a left enter button. :)

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@sandystrachan Yes! I would also like it in a less convenient place for hitting by accident.

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I used to just pop it out and turn it around so that I couldn’t hit it.
Doesn’t really bother me any more.

it does add a nice symmetry to my keyboard to be the same size as the enter key on the other side and kind of makes a nice cascade down towards the space bar.

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So they could fit the words ‘Caps Lock’ on it?

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If it bothers you that much just alter the registry (in windows) to disable it.

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1) So you can hit it easily when you really want the tab key.
2) So stupid people can find it when they want to use the Internets.

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It’s large and in the proper place for you to simply toggle quickly for headlines or strings of characters that need to all be capitalized. Holding shift and typing efficiently with both hands just isn’t possible. It is something that more than likely could safely be phased out however.

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