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What musicians/bands have you seen that are ten thousand times better live?

Asked by efritz (3255points) September 12th, 2009

And also, is it terribly important to you that they’re at least decent in a live concert, and if they’re not does that affect your opinion of them?

I just got back from a Regina Spektor concert and she was amazing. I am in recovery. I don’t think I would’ve liked her as much if she was crap in concert.

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I think a recorded band and a live band are two completely different experiences. One is polished, professional. The other is raw, real, imperfect, Most bands I love are great both ways. If you go to a show with the expectation that the band is going to sound exactly like the recording, you are robbing yourself of a very unique experience.

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Reel Big Fish are amazing live.

I think they should be at least decent live. If their not, it’s just sad. I know that there’s studio tricks and they can do take after take to get that right sound and feel, but if you can’t make it work live, then it does lower my whole view of the band.

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The Eagles.
Exactly the same.

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I can’t think of any right off but there are a lot of bands I like that sound good on my stereo where the stage experience is also spectacular.

As for 10,000x better on stage?. If it was that uninspiring at home, I wouldn’t listen to it.

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Cowboy Mouth. Great live band and so so on disk.

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The hard lessons
la dispute

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Fleetwood Mac. Magic.

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David Bowie was fantastic live. Great showmanship.

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In my day, The Grateful Dead always was a great show. They never played the same song the same way ever. (I saw them 14 times). I also really enjoyed Rush, but they sounded just like their recordings.

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Paul McCartney was incredible live but I don’t know if he was10,000 times better.

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I can think of a few bands that are way better on their album, and shit on stage :)

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Tool and The Decemberists. Amazing albums. Even better live.

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I wonder if Milly Vanilly concerts were like a mime show? :D

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I agree with Paul McCartney

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Definitely Jane’s Addiction and the Beastie Boys. They both put on great shows.

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The Flaming Lips
Red Hot Chili Peppers

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I saw They Might Be Giants today. They’re amazing musicians, and a lot of fun live… but I’d never buy a CD.

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Did they do “Youth Culture Killed My Dog”? Love that song.

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@aprilsimnel: I don’t recall that one; but their stuff is so quirky, it all blends together in my head

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Bruce Springsteen for sure – love many of his albums but his shows are absolutely fantastic!

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