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Tink's avatar Scrobbler users: I have a few questions for you?

Asked by Tink (8673points) September 12th, 2009 from iPhone

1.) Before I download it I want to know if it will go directly into my iTunes?

2.) If it doesn’t will it come out on my desktop instead?

3.) When scrobbling, do I have to play the music on my iPod or will it do it by itself?

And lastly, how will it look like?

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1— It is a separate application that must be ran at the same time as iTunes. iTunes has an API that hooks into to find out what is playing. This is pretty seamless. It will just start up when you open iTunes.

2— Yes, see 1

3— It just woke up. I’m not sure what you are asking.

It looks like this.

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I’ve used it for a really long time and I love it! The current incarnation basically runs in the background, though when you start iTunes, you’ll see an icon come up in your toolbar. This is for some administrative things and is fairly unobtrusive.

Not sure exactly how it works, but it does pay attention to what songs you’ve played on your iPod. After connecting the iPod, just leave it to do its thing for a bit. You should eventually get a window that pops up, listing all the songs you listened to on the iPod, asking you which (or all) you want to scrobble.

Really, it’s pretty easy and you don’t end up interacting with the program that much (unless you want to, like if you want to “Love” a song).

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Thank you!
Ok so basically, when I am going to scrobble I just open the icon and the iTunes one at the same time? And leave it? Do I have to sign in first?

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There’s a really helpful FAQ on the site. Read it.

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It’s been a while since I installed it.. After installation, it should open automatically when you open iTunes. This will allow the program to scrobble tracks you listen to on your computer (either immediately or it will collect a list to transmit to the next time you’re online). There is an icon in the toolbar if you need to interact with the scrobbler (enable/disable scrobbling, open the program window, Love a song, etc.). When you connect your iPod, the scrobbler collects your played tracks and gives you a choice to select which songs you want to scrobble.

It’s really easy.

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@Tink1113 The scrobbler is really a small standalone program that listens for music players you have installed and added for scrobbling. Yes you will need to login once (it will remember you) and scrobble everything you play (after an adjustible time of playing, default: 50% of the songs total time). The scrobbler app does nothing else than find out what you are listening to and send it to the site, you still play the music in your player and control it from there. As far as I know there is no support for the ipod (yet, maybe in the future for the touch/phone?).

It’s a great app for tracking your musical taste over a longer period of time.

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Ok I did it already, now another question, do I have to listen to the music I have in my iTunes? Can’t it count how many times I listened to a song and do it from there?

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There is no backtracking if that’s what you mean, only future plays will be scrobbled (as it should).

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Oh I get it now! Thank you guys!

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if you use foobar, there’s a plugin that scroblles without the requirement of having the client installed or running.

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I use this thing all the time. I usually have iTunes open anyway, so I’m not certain about the “having to have them open at the same time” thing. I know that whatever I play on my iTunes shows up on the scrobbler, then I can love it or whatever. Also, those songs go onto my profile and help calculate what the heck it is I listen to all the time. Statistical goodness.

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