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What are some of the most acclaimed live bands?

Asked by swingliner (245points) February 7th, 2009

Some bands get a lot of live acclaim. Off the top of my head, I can think of Radiohead, Justice, the Flaming Lips, Gogol Bordello, and Ted Leo as being generally accepted as live bands that always deliver. I have not seen any of their of shows but know this because they constantly get glowing live reviews and are brought up in conversation by friends who have seen them live.

What are some other must-see bands that are like this? You know, bands that seem to never disappoint with their live show?

This is not a “what is your favorite band” question.

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Pearl Jam. Wonderful and full live shows. Different every time and worth seeing again and again.

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Queens of the Stone Age are amazing live.

I once saw a band named “Tyler Read” who blew everyone’s freaking socks off live but when I listened to their album it was very tame and uninteresting.

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Seeing Rush in concert was pretty cool. Guns n Roses put on an amazing show (before Axl lost his head). I haven’t seen any concerts (save the Britney Spears show I took my then 6th grader to that was actually very well done) since my butt rocker days of the early 90s. From what I’ve seen on Palladia, Amy Winehouse’s voice is just as unbelievable live as it is on recordings. That girl has magical talent.

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and Motörhead!!

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Prince was amazing live. He played every instrument at least once (and was great on each one). His band was also amazing. They played different versions of his songs (different from the album). Great ad-libbed jams. Invited folks up on stage to dance. It was a big party. And he, no joke, plays guitar live as well as Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughn, or any of the greats.

Also, my wife dragged me to see Donna Summer years ago (we ended up with front row seats) and she was surprisingly fantastic. Great energetic show and her voice was pitch perfect.

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Dave Matthews Band

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A true Prince story: I was at a Prince concert years ago and the group of girls next to us were fanatical fans. I mean screaming, hysterical, crying, etc. Midway through the concert The Prince-Meister rips off his pants. He had on a pair of tear-aways pants that came off and uncovered a very tight, package revealing, pair of “leggings”. I looked over and the screaming girl next to me…passed out cold on the floor!

Aside from that, it was a great concert. I’ve mentioned several live shows on here before so I won’t bore everyone again.

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Of Montreal. Kevin Barnes is a straight-up freak, but he puts on a show and a half. I ought to know. I’ve seen five of them. One time, he started a a show by coming out from the wings in a wedding gown. and asking the audience of mostly teenage girls and young adult women if they wanted to marry him. If hormones were tidal waves, he’d’ve drowned, but he knew that. He’s handsome and he knows that too. I give him props. He knows his audience.

Bloc Party- Very passionate musicians. I think it’s starts with Kele and spreads outward.

Arcade Fire – They remind of Bruce Springsteen. Or at least Win Butler does.

The Hives – I like that they make a rock show a performance art piece where they are “the rock band” and the audience is “the adoring audience.” It’s all very meta, but they’ll rock the joint anyway. I always lose about a half-pound of sweat when I see them. It doesn’t hurt that the lead singer and the lead guitarist are hot. Especially the guitarist. That dude is smokin’.

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Best of all time is DMB.

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David Byrne Always.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

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Fleetwood Mac. They were fantastic. Coming to Boston again this spring and would love to go. Unfortunately going to a concert these days is quite expensive.

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Muse – by far the best! Pure talent and incredible sound. I agree with @aprilsimnel both Arcade Fire and the Hives are fantastic live. I’m not huge fans of either band but really enjoyed their shows. Also great that I’ve seen recently: Spoon, The Kooks, The Shins, Travis, Editors, Kaiser Chiefs – and most of these bands’ shows are under $30.

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Talking Heads, Muse, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, The Who

And 4 have live DVD’s out too…

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Grateful Dead, circa 1970–1975.
Buckingham-Nicks and Fleetwood Mac with Bob Welch
The Jefferson Airplane
Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company
Jimi Hendrix and Experience
Each was an absolutely incredible experience.

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i’ve never heard any talk of a poor of montreal show.
and if you have, feel free to dismiss it

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Have to say it: Phish (i’m a vermonter)

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The English Beat. The first time I went to one of their live shows I went in liking a few of their songs. It was such a blast I came out wanting to know everything they ever did. I’ve been to two more of their live shows since. Awesome awesome band live. You will dance. :^>

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the hives – most amazing live performance. they were rated the one of the best live acts ever by spin magazine. the lead singer has a way of turning the crowd around and having them in his pocket. hes arrogant, loud and crazy. but he is unbelievably good. have a look at these. – in brisbane at a festival called sunset sounds they pulled the power on them. – in melbourne at one of the falls festival which i was at show how he can just turn a bad situation into a good one in his favor.

i also really enjoyed the kooks, franz ferdinand & gomez.

i think red hot chili peppers and daft punk would be so awesome live.

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How could i forget the hives!!! They are great live! at least when they perform the songs form their 3 first albums…

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@wilhel 1812 – did you watch those videos?

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yeah, i did. Hey i know it’s a little off-topic, but if you haven’t allready, watch this:

It happened a few miles away form my house :)

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I know this question is really old but how could no one say AC DC with Angus Young and his little shorts mooning the crowd. Not to mention the music they played back then was just awesome!!

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