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What type of questions you ask yourself the most throughout your day?

Asked by seVen (3478points) September 13th, 2009 from iPhone

just curious.

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Where did I put my keys?

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I over analyze everything, to the point where I get angry at myself and give up, so really anything/one I run into during the day. The type of question I find myself asking the most is why ..? I guess I never really left the toddler phase behind me, I need an explanation for everything. Honestly the most common question I ask myself is probably: What is wrong with me? And since I joined the most common question is: How do you spell that again?

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What’s that smell?

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Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?!

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What was I doing?
Why am I in this room?
What day is it?

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Why is my mother so selfish?
How can I best raise my children?
When can I find time for yoga and sex?

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“What are the likely outcomes of doing (or not doing) _____.”

“Would my day go more efficiently if I ______ before doing _____?”

“I wonder why ______.”

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@Simone: Yoga and sex…at the same time?!?

How can I get this done efficiently so I can move on to what I’d really like to do?

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@cprevite well not at the same time, though we shoudl try it

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Does Venus have tectonic plates?
Does Jupiter have a core, mantle and crust? And what’re they made of?
What’s up with Pluto? Where’d that little guy come from?
Were the Roman gods named after planets, or were planets named after Roman gods? why?

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Paperwork or a pipe full of pot?

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why am I here?
what is this?
Why can’t he just be next to me [today so I can tell him.~]?
Is he a virgin?
[Does] he still likes me?
What am I doing?
Why do I feel like this?
What would happen if I did this?
Do I really need to loose weight?
I wonder if I’m going to be the 40 year old virgin…?
What’s the answer to this question?
Where’s my cellphone/wallet-purse/ID/dedit card?
Why does eyerthing I have to do remind me of him?

@eponymoushipster…I smell it too. It wasn’t me!~

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@Sarcasm well, i just hope uranus is safe.

@cyndihugs wasn’t me, either. <glares at @teh_kvlt_liberal>

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@eponymoushipster It’s safe. It might be the source of that smell, though

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Don’t you know Fluther is a free farting zone!?

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Hey! I can fart whenever and wherever I want!
<rips a nasty one>

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Am I really hungry or do I just want to eat?
How much longer until I can clock out from work?

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Oh man I seriously need to open the windows now

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You’ll do us all a favor.

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When will i learn?”
“When will i learn?”

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Will I be able to predict some answers from some flutherers?
Will they be interesting?
Does the litter box need emptying?
Where are my keys, glasses, and cell phone?
What day is it?

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Why is this so hard?

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Why am I thinking this?”
“Or, why do I keep thinking this?”

My brain tends to get stuck in little loops when it lands on something it (and no one else) finds interesting. So I’ll wander around, watching people on a lovely, cool, windy day, while my brain iterates…

Interstellar radiation politics! Interstellar radiation politics? Interstellar radiation politics…SINGULARITYCOMMANDFORCE-

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I do that same thing, @Beta_Orionis. Well, not those topics, but I’ll keep repeating a phrase or sentence in my head. Happens most if I’m eating something like cereal. E-ver-y bi-te is a sing-le syll-a-ble

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“What the fuck?”

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Is it time for lunch yet?
What all do I need to get done tonight?
Do I have enough gas in my car?
Do I have anything for breakfast in the morning?

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@augustlan I’m with you on those two…Seriously is something I say a hundred times a day!

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@Sarcasm Yeah, I repeat phrases/sentences I have a normal thought. Also, I appreciated the planet questions. There’s generally a good deal of those to be found, usually related to engineering concepts, but an overwhelming amount of repetition.

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Did I wipe well enough?

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Why is the damn alarm clock going off!?
Why is it so hard to get my son out of bed and off to school?
Why is it so hard to convince my daughter to budget her money?
Why does the damn phone ring every time I get the kids off to school and go back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep?
Why is it so hard to get my son to go to bed and stay there so I can go to sleep?

Why does my husband have to have dialysis at 6:15 am?

I’m a bit sleep deprived these days, or I, too, might wonder about the origin of Pluto or why scallops have blue eyes but conchs have yellow ones.

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What does my name translate into, to an Englishman?

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When will I finally grow a pair and tell the dentist about the problem I’m having with my tooth.

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Why bother?

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I’d like to tell you but they’ve all been modded.

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How much time do I have (to get something done or somewhere)?

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Is it 8pm yet? (when I talk to my boyfriend)
What am I going to have for lunch?
Am I ever going to find a job?

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@hug_of_war hope you find a job.

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what am i doing? what should i be doing? what do they think of me? what do i think of me? is that supposed to do/look like that? what should i do with my life? why am i so tired? what will happen if I kick this?

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do i really care about what they think?
will i snap out of this phase? (ha my life is full of phases)
am i happy?
am i something i want to be or a product of what others want me to be?
what? haha sometimes i fake hearing people

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Why are they staring at me?

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@saraaaaaa God yeah, I HATE that.

Why am I listening to his/her BS again?

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Now what? Now what? Now what? Now what?

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Oh no, am I gonna sneeze again.

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@Garebo the answer is always “Yes, yes I am, I can feel it coming right now!—nope, false alarm, no sneeze”

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@teh_kvlt_liberal – You wanted to.

For the last several months it’s why can’t I find a goddamn job. Tonight I’m watching the VMAs and my question right now is what’s the appeal of Lady Gaga….ooh, she’s wearing some goofy shit on her face, Daddy must not have loved her enough (or maybe too much).

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I wish I could understand what the appeal was too, @dalepetrie. The music and the attire.

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What is this thing called the world?

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Oh, no! It isn’t Monday already, is it?

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Why am I wasting time here on . . . . ________ (fill in name of website) _________

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Brain, brain, what is brain?

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@kruger_d- “Brain and brain! What is brain?”

Geez. Get it right next time, wudja? :)

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Do I need to go to the bathroom
Should I get another cup of water
Are my lips feeling dry
Is my celly charged up
Do I have cigarettes
Do I want to have nekid time

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@hungryhungryhortence maybe, yes, no, maybe, yes, yes please!

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Go back to bed or not?
Read, play ps2 games, do puzzles, color, or computer?
Is it time to cook supper?

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Why am I killing my self working full time, going to school full time, and having a family?

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“How the FUCK did I end up in this situation!!!”

I ask myself this question several times a day. I never thought my life would be like this…all the decisions I’ve made in the past have led me to this point, but they were the right ones at the time.
Life’s a bitch

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