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What is the natural order of self improvement?

Asked by bumwithablackberry (932points) September 13th, 2009

Either starting from youth which would be more natural develpment, or starting from the proverbial gutter, are these the same?

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Any time during life, including advanced age. If the positive changes lead to a better quality of life for any period of time, you have accomplished something worthwhile. (I could have a prejudice: I’m older than 60, and working hard on self-improvement.)

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It depends on the person.

When it was clear that I had serious anxiety issues, I grew deeply depressed. When it got very bad, I was willing to try anything to get better. Looking back now, some of the CBT techniques I learned were the type of things that I would have been skeptical about or considered corny or silly. However, being “down in the gutter,” so to speak, made me desperate enough to try things I would never have tried otherwise. I’m grateful that I did.

I just hope that next time I’ll have the foresight, awareness and willingness to raise myself up before I sink to the bottom.

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#1) Don’t let anyone take pictures of your penis.

#2) It’s all uphill from there. (And bag the stupid tags. They’re old news.)

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@gailcalled You left out the apple cider vinegar.

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@pdworkin: Right you are.

#3) Soak your head or whatever in apple cider vinegar.

#4) Plant a tree, read a book, mow someone’s lawn, make a perfect, unlopsided chocolate cake. Think about Cak.

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I just love @gailcalled, don’t you?

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MIlo here; I do, too.

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And you have, since 4/19/09! (I turned 60 0n 4/21/09)

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perception of a fault….thinking of what can be done to improve matters….making small efforts towards improving matters….deciding its to much effort….adjusting perception to make improvements seem unnecessary

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