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What is a good reliable motorbike for a beginner?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) September 13th, 2009

I need to get on the road, funds are always in short supply…I need a reliable cheap motorbike (inevitably this means second hand) to get me started off can anyone suggest a model and make that has a good rep and is suitable for a beginner…I am a girl and know bugger all about bikes so any into is gratefully received

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How much do you want to spend? You might want to look at a Vespa LX150 or 250. Easy to ride, can carry packages/purse/backpack. Goes on the highway if needed. You can ride it in a dress.

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I rode a Honda 90 through my pregnancy with my first daughter. Anything under 500 cc is probably alright for getting around town.
A vespa would be fun though!

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yeh i was thinking scooter…..but well they dont go that fast do they and i have herd they can be pretty unreliable… thanks tho i am looking into it…seems i can sort of rent one for a while

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I have a Yamaha BeeWee scooter. It is 90cc and it will do 100k so about 60mph. It is quick and easy with electric start and I love it. I ride it straight thru the wet and the dry here in the tropics. It is such fun and so economical. And easy to ride even when wearing a skirt. You can stow a lot of groceries in the seat plus carry things on the platform between your feet. In Korea and other Asian countries, they carry a family of 4 and household goods on them! I have 2 of my dogs trained to ride on it. I carry the little dog in a carry on bag and zip her in, the bigger dog sits between my feet and peers around the front. They love it too.

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@ awesome…actually i never wear skirts so thats no issue my girlness is more a lack of interest and understanding in anything mechanical so i wouldnt be able to fix it or know when someone is ripping me off

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