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Do they make gps systems for people who ride motorcycles that can attach to their bikes?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) June 14th, 2009 from iPhone
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sandystrachan's avatar i know its a uk site but they will be in shops where ever you are .

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Yes. For example Garmin streetpilot.

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Also Garmin do a range

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You can attach pretty well and GPS that can be used in a car. Either to the tank, the handlebar, or the windscreen if you have one. For safety you really need a helmet headset to listen to directions as glancing down when on a bike and approaching an intersection is often no a good idea.

I mount mine just above the Speedo/Tacho cluster. If you have a windscreen (I do) you can coat them with a transparent optometrical coating that will allow a “Head Up” display similar to a fighter pilot’s. You need to mount the GPS backward and reflect up with a mirror.

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Third for the Garmin Streetpilot.

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@andrew Third for the Garmin Streetpilot.

No, I don’t agree. I have two Street Pilots, the first was the StreetPilot3 and when it came out it was as good as you get – better than Magellan etc.
I now use a Navman, it is faster to start up, faster to acquire the satellites, faster to recalculate if off course and runs far longer on its internal batteries. It also cost less. It uses exactly the same software (Licenced to Telstra) and is simply more convenient, light and pocketable but with the same sized screen as the Garmin.

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I just researched hand helds and most all of those said they can be mounted on a bike or motor cycle as well. I ended up with a Garmin Geko, sounds like it will work fine. I found it on ebay cheap!

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I don’t ride a motorcycle, I never have . I was just wondering. Thanks!

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I ride with a TomTom

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@DrBill _DrBill’s avatar

I ride with a TomTom

Beatniks used to do that.

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@DarkScribe Made me laugh. Beatniks….Haven’t heard that term in a long time,

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Beatniks ride with bongos, not TomTom’s

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@DrBill Beatniks ride with bongos, not TomTom’s

I stand corrected.

My experience of Beatnicks consisted of re-runs of the Dobie Gillis series and Maynard G Krebs. He called them Tom Toms.

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