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I lost my iPod on a plane. What should I replace it with?

Asked by janbb (56460points) September 14th, 2009

Just came back from a trip and I think I left my pod in the pocket on the seat. Naturally, I will try to get it back but assuming I can’t, I have two questions. Should I replace my Nokia AT & T phone and iPod with an iTouch? Can I synch my iTunes account to a new iPod? ( I am not a very sophisticated phone or iPod user so I don’t know if an iPhone is worth it, but they are cool machines.)

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A new ipod?

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Well, that’s certainly one of the options I’m considering. I guess I’m asking if the other is a better choice than the obvious one.

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I just bought an 8gig iPod touch and it has given me the urge for an iPhone. The touch is very cool, found my home wifi account immediately, now I am getting my email and surfing the net with the touch. But I think the iPhone would be even better for the obvious reason it is a phone as well as everything else!

Yes you can sync a new device to your iTunes, you just can’t sync the device to more than one iTune account (well it can be done but not too easily, at least I haven’t found an easy way yet).

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@janbb I love my ipod, and if lost, I’d simply replace it.

I hate listening to music from cell-phones; the sound sucks and you got all that extra radiation for nothing when all you need is an MP player. I’m partial to Ipod.

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Thanks for all the answers so far.

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ok, you asked if you should replace your phone with an iTouch but i’m going to guess that you meant the iPhone. I would say mess with it in a store and go from there. the typing is a little different. but it is still a really nice machine with so many apps it’ll make your head spin.

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You should get an iPod touch :) they are easy to handle and very useful.

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@Tink1113 even with flippers?

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@janbb Especially with flippers.

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My husband forced this damned iPhone on me and he created a monster! I love it.

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Hi there,

Sorry that you lost your iPod. I have to say – don’t get an iPod, but I don’t really have an alternative and I’m sorry don’t have an answer. I’ve been loking for my ideal MP3 player for a while.

I got an iPod Classic a year or so back. I really want to like it… I like the style, I like the interface. I like the capacity….. but I hate the sound. I’ve used V-Moda Vibes and now have Denons (£70 in-ears) but the sound is still poor. I’m using the Denons in my old Samsung mp3 player and they sound fantastic. The iPod doesn’t come close.

Sadly the Samsung is only 2GB but the Classic is 160. But the Classic is in my desk drawer and I use the Samsung every day.

Also – iTunes is awful….

I’m sorry I haven’t been positive, but I think you should take a look at other players. If you find a great sounding player with 80G+ let me know!


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If you’re already stuck to, or in love with (even though that’s impossible), AT&T, just get an iPhone. If you need to get away from AT&T, though, try the palm Pre; the phone itself has been getting better reviews than the iPhone sometimes, and Sprint seems to be improving on their service some, maybe enough to actually not be a last-place finisher. Once again, if you’re in need of an excellent provider, find a good Verizon phone; Consumer Reports usually ranks it in the No. 1 spot among big mobile phone companies.

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An iPhone! Definitely.

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