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Do we not do poll questions here?

Asked by Rocketman123 (23points) September 15th, 2009

If i cant do a poll question, im going back to my old Q & A sites. My questions keep getting sent for editing, i dont get it, do you?

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No. We don’t do simple polls.

If you read the Guidelines, you will see the following:

What makes a good question (or: how do I make sure it doesn’t get moderated?)

Well-written, genuine questions provoke the best and most thoughtful answers. Obviously, make sure you spell-check, try to use proper capitalization and grammar, and select appropriate topics.

* If your question is a legitimate query for a solution, like “Why is my bike tire always going flat?”, or “How long should it take for my xbox to return back from service?”, or “Which is a better name for my new business?”, it will most likely stay.

* If your question is more open-ended, like “Is there any other cookie as good as a chocolate chip cookie?”, it may be moderated. In general, if your question inspires thoughtful discussion, and/or is particularly creative, and shows effort (so make sure you add details and give examples!), it probably won’t get moderated.

* If your question is an attempt to connect with people (as opposed to an attempt to figure something out), like “Where is everyone from?” or “How old is everyone?” or “Are the Jonas Brothers lame?”, or it’s a yes-or-no, this-or-that question, it will probably be moderated — those questions are better suited for the chatroom.

We also reserve the right to remove borderline questions that won’t clearly provoke useful or thoughtful discussion depending on the overall quality and types of questions of the day.

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Some of us who want to connect become facebook friends so we don’t have the more rigid guidelines of fluther. And, you can private message people. Many of us feel frustrated when our questions get pulled for editing. Don’t take it personally, it happens to many of us.

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It’s not personal, it’s just stupid, this is the absolute worse Q A site I have ever tried. Im goin back to my other ones

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I was going to thoughtfully answer this question, until you said that.

Heh.. okay, then.. see ya.

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@Rocketman123 You’ve only been here for one day!!! Give us a chance. I came here from Askville, & yes, it’s much different. It took me a few weeks to get used to it. It also took me a while to feel at home & feel accepted. I’ve since made a lot of friends here. Hanging in here was worth it.

The mods here actually care about the site & do their jobs. If they didn’t, it’d be a free for all like AV is. Calm down, take some time, & give it a chance. Your instant negativity isn’t going to help you.

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Every question is a poll, they just don’t want to admit it.

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@JOE We say ”simple polls” to distinguish questions that can just be answered in a couple of words from those that are likely to elicit more complex and thoughtful responses. A question can technically be a poll, in that it’s asking for subjective opinions, and still be crafted in a way that prompts people to give in-depth responses. Those questions usually stay. It often comes down to a judgment call be the mods. It’s not a science.

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If a Q gets vetted , just change it alittle or ask for help .

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@harp-Thats stupid lol

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@Rocketman123: your negativity and silliness as in ”@harp-that’s stupid lol” maybe better suited to another site. Fluther tries to be a little more mature.

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I’m beginning to take fluther insults a bit personally. I may be turning into a true Jelly..

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@jbfletcherfan actually, he’s tried this place before…but always gets his Q’s booted

@Rocketman123 Why not just try some of your silliest, most thought provoking questions, first. Do one or two and try it out here. The people are fun and interesting once you get used to it.

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I once asked this question about a popular sandwich and got a nice response and was able to “meet” people here.

Just try to word your question so it’s not “poll”-ish ;)

Maybe something like “how do you customize your McD’s order” and add a story about yourself in the description.


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@spatzie, my fast food question was silly and provoking, and still got it booted

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@spatzie, AND Threatened to be banned, i wasnt doing anything bad, do you agree?

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@Rocketman123 What was your food question? I doubt it was bad enough to get banned for.

If it was like the one above^^^^then you just need to re-word it so it promotes discussion, not a one word yes, no, maybe, answer.

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Someone looking to annoy others via the Internet.

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