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Did Mario really drop the F bomb in the first episode of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) September 19th, 2009

Video Here

25 seconds into this clip Lou Albano playing Mario seems to say something that would be very inappropriate for a kids tv show. It’s very hard to tell because they’ve added a laugh track at the exact moment he says it, and it’s hard to read his lips because of his moustache and poor video quality. Either way this clip is hilarious, but what do you think?

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Sure does seem like it.

“Well, fuck you Luigi..” Heh.

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Well, fuck~you Luigi? or Well, thank~you Luigi.

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Meh it sounds like thank you to me

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I don’t hear it. Shame on you for suggesting that Mario would ever say such a word!

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It does say thank-you.

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well he is Italian
and all italians in new york live in Brooklyn…

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You can hear anything if that’s what you’re thinking. Next time you hear Brenda Lee singing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree tell me what kind of pie she’s singing about. It always sounds like “Later we’ll have some f**kin’ pie” to me.

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That songs gives me a headache. Even thinking about it gives me one now

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Definitely seems like “Well thank you, Luigi”. Tough to hear over the laughtrack but I distinctly hear the “nk” in “thank”, while “fuck” has no N in it.

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Sarcasm is right
You just misheard it

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I hear fuck, but I have a dirty mind. My only reason for hearing it is how he forms his lips to start the word. Unless he’s saying “fank you”.

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I’m like @asmonet. Dirty minds unite!

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“Hey, Paisanos”?
I thought Mario and Luigi were Italian…

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I think it’s italian.

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It is. Urbandictionary says so. “n. means countryman or brother in Italian. The equivilent of “homie” to Italians and Italian-Americans. ”

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I can’t tell, it kind of sounds like thank you to me, but I really can’t be sure…

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lol I wish he did…

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What a great question. Fuck you for asking.

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@AstroChuck That has haunted me since I was 8 and couldn’t BELIEVE she got it past the censors!!!

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I have always heard ‘fuck’ and I dont think it’s just a dirty mind deal. They continue to argue about who is the sloppiest, so for me, ‘thank’ doesnt really fit. Im thinking they added the laugh track to cover it up.

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