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How close are high school mock elections?

Asked by valdasta (2146points) September 21st, 2009

I was looking at the mock elections in an old yearbook. Judging by the way things have turned out, it is hard to predict what a person’s station in life will be in the future (e.g. most likely to succeed, most likely to be famous, etc.). On the other hand, when it comes to character and personality traits, they seem to hold true (class clown, friendliest, most reliable, most dependable, etc.).

Some of the most unlikely people I have gone to school with have really done well for themselves. Some of the most homely people (saying without trying to be mean) have turned out to be handsome and beautiful.

Have you been right about pedicting someone’s future (as far as what type of field they would end up in, if they would end up in jail, living at home till they are thirty…)?

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It’s a crap shoot, especially at bigger schools. I know at my school there was no way we could know everyone well enough to get a proper choice made.

Also in regards to most successful, who is determining what success is? If some girl wants to be a stay at home wife and she accomplishes that, while someone else wants to make $1,000,000 a year but only ends up making $900,000 then I would say the girl is by definition more successful since she did what she set out to do.

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Thank you for the check; you’re right about “success”. I am not well off myself, but I have a good marriage, and happy children. I know folks who make three to four times as much as I do, yet they covet what I have.

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Having only recently graduated from high school, I can’t say how the people who won the superlatives turned out; but, similar to @theichibun , I was at a large school, and making an informed choice was impossible.
Personally, I voted for people based on name. I went through the list of names for everyone in our grade (I think about 700 people), and voted based on many name characteristics, such as longest, shortest, most vowels, least vowels, hardest to pronounce, and overall most interesting.
I guess you could say that I didn’t exactly take that process seriously.
I also intend to have as little contact as possible with all but a few of my former schoolmates, so I don’t think that I will ever know if the class clown actually ended up being an entertainer or not.

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