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Can I give my high school diploma back and redo junior high?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) September 13th, 2013

I skipped 88 days of school in grade 7 , 55 in grade 8 and 39 in grade 9 and lots in high school and I feel that I was wrongly pushed ahead. How can I overcome and retake all the material that I missed?

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Take courses now for the Canadian equivalent of our GED

Why not actually take one course at a local community college now instead of hanging around here too much and brooding?

This is not the first time I have sent you this link for courses in general education at “Red Deer College;”:

RDC, in collaboration with Athabasca University, offers a three-year Bachelor of General Studies. The B.G.S. provides a framework of individualized study within an Applied Studies or Arts and Science designation that gives you freedom to choose courses to meet career or educational goals. There is no residency requirement and the degree may be completed in three years of full-time study or pursued on a part-time basis taking courses offered by RDC. For further information refer to Athabasca University Calendar or make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.


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…why would you want to do that?!

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You only get one shot at various stages of your life.
Keep moving forward and don’t look back. Concentrate on attending a junior college or trade school. That may give you confidence and the skills needed for success at the university level if that is you goal.

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You cannot relive life.

I’m with @gondwanalon.

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I assume you did better in 10–12 grade? Most colleges will care about that, a trend of being better as you got older. Your junior and senior years will count more than a messed up 9th grade. In America anything before 9th grade does not count regarding college admissions, or anything really.

I have never heard of an employer asking for a high school transcript. If you want to go to college, you can start with community college, do well, and that will be what is most considered if you ever apply to a 4 year institution. What you do now is most important. All adults know that many people screw up in their younger years. If your verall GPA isn’t bad, you might be able to get into a four yeat college directly if that is what you want.

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No-one cares about grades 7–9.

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I cheated several times from grade 6 to gerrymandering my test days and skipping school and calling in sick in junior high .

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I will never know the difference between there and their.

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Their has an i in it, so it refers to people like you would refer to yourself. I have a dog, their dog. I have a house, their house.

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There rhymes with where and can be an answer to ’where?’.
There is an indication of a place. (Where? There!)

In this case, I mean visually rhymes, in the sense that its final four letters are exactly the same.

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Or…Where? Here. Simply attach the “t” to here to make “there.”

55 helpful suggestions to your question about this in Sept.2013

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