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What does this quote by Homer mean?

Asked by Adahli14 (1points) September 23rd, 2009

i need help i cant understand the meaning of this quote:
“After an event, even a fool is wise”
If you can give me an idea of what it might mean it will really help.Thank You

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That even fools gain wisdom from experience. No matter how dumb they might be, their understanding of the world is still enriched by “an event.”

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@le_inferno : A for you. OP’s query sounds like a homework question.

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Hind sight is 20/20.

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Do your own homework.

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Do your own Homer work…lol

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@MrMeltedCrayon you took the words outta my mouth

@pdworkin why are you constantly turning people down who are asking for help? what if on all your questions all you ever got was “pound sand prick” or “look it up yourself” or “Suck one, youre stuck to your own devices”? Like seriously, the man is asking for help, either help him or kindly take youre leave.

Same goes for you @mammal

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@Adahli14: Check out this interesting question on Yahoo!

@kibaxcheza: Do click on my link, please ^^. She is not a man but a female HS student.

And here’s more of the quote: “Before an event, even wise men look foolish, just as after an event, even a fool is wise.”

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This is what the quote means:

Μετά από ένα γεγονός, ακόμη και ένας ανόητος είναι σοφός.

If nothing else, I am learning a lot from the question.

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@gailcalled i just use everyone in a generic dude, man ect. Because even if it is a woman, they are still homo sapien sapien, thus making her/him part of “man kind” or Man for short.
Its not that im being disrespectful or sexist, im just grouping everyone here as such

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Lurve for “pound sand prick”, although I have no axe with pdworkin’s answer. I just love that turn of phrase. Never heard that one before.
But seriously, stick around and you will see a pattern of people asking for answers to homework. This is a very blatant example of this. It’s not offering an opinion or gathering research, it’s a direct request for an answer and it’s just as bad as if they asked someone to solve an equation and fax them the work.
although I was set to give the response until melted crayon beat me to it

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Granted the OP could’ve done her own homework, but we all need help sometimes, and sometimes google or any other search engine doesn’t help. It still doesn’t warrant a comment like “Do it yourself LOL”. Plus, no one is pointing a gun to your head and barking at you “Answer my question!”. If you don’t like it, then just leave. Simple.

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Oh great, the “homework question” debate again…

This is the way I see it: there is no Fluther rule against these types of questions. If you want one, petition for one.

/end of discussion.

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She asked the same question, word for word on Yahoo! and got a good answer. Now she is repeating herself; it’s not as tho that quote requires four years of calculus. And how can one give her a hint without actually paraphrasing the quote?

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@PretentiousArtist It’s pretty pretentious to instruct others how to post in a thread, unless you are a moderator, which you are not.

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Ive isked for help on homework… so what. Im not asking to have you take the class for me, I just needed help. I learned the mat. from the answers provided and i passed the test 2 days later.
Seriously, telling your kid to figure out algebra himself is the same as biting someones head off for homework help on here. Its ridiculous, get off your high horse of morality and values and either offer help, comic relief, or other valid inputs. Dont answer with a “roar homework help BAAAD!! ME WANT COOKIE NOW”. It makes people not feel that Fluther is a welcoming place…. Or do you want us to seem like 4Chan….

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Well, I’m obviously not a moderator since I’m a newcomer, so thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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@pdworkin “but its got electrolytes…. its what plants crave….”

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Life’s a melting pot. Many flavors. Some spicy, some sweet, some bitter, and some all of the above.

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[mod says:] Before this homework debate gets started (if it is going to) yet again I would like to ask everyone to please keep it civil.

[not as a mod:] Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with homework questions. My feelings on the subject are that if you don’t like the question, then you don’t have to answer. The same applies to other questions. For example, I hate (hate hate hate) the relationship questions… so I avoid them. Seems like a good approach to me.

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Homer said that? Sounds more like a Lisa quote to me.

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@kibaxcheza I answer a great deal of questions on Fluther. You can take a quick look at my profile, and see how many answers I have offered. I am a parent, and I strongly feel that it is not truly assistive to do a student’s homework. In fact, it interferes with the learning process. So I disagree with those who think there is room for this type of question on Fluther. I thought Fluther was supposed to be an ameliorative community. Doing another person’s homework is not an ameliorative act.

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To everybody who has no objection to homework questions: I hope you think of that the next time you travel by air, need legal advice, need stitches, have a child with an ear infection, take your pet in for surgery, get a tooth filled, go before a judge, cross a bridge, ride an elevator, drive your car, or do anything else where your fate is in the hands of somebody who had to study and master a subject in order to qualify to do the work you are depending on. You’d better hope they didn’t get their degree or certification by posting the questions on an answer site.

It’s one thing to offer suggestions for how students can help themselves learn material or solve a homework problem and quite another to save them the trouble of doing their own learning.

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Yeah, because quotes by Ancient Greeks affect all of those things and more.~

You’re assuming that if someone posts a homework question it means they do it all the time, they never attempt to solve anything on their own, and the topic they’re posting is related to their field of work in the future. Those are quite the assumptions to make. Just because someone needs help with a difficult topic or specific problem every once in a while does not mean they are not capable of figuring out other things or most things on their own.

A lot of the things people simply want the answer to are not going to have anything to do with what they end up doing in the future in terms of a career.

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Mind telling me how you know what I’m assuming?

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I think it’s funny how people get all worked up about people getting an easy way out of their homework…. It cant possibly have anything to do with the actual learning part…. Like you care about their learning!!! Every question welcomes a leaning environment, if you want to stay a fool them don’t participate. Otherwise try to make it worthwile, because if you truly care about the poster learning something, just answer in a way that will give them some thought.

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the fact of the matter is that you have the choice to answer a question or not to answer a question. And youre choosing to do both at the same time.
How about next time a question like this comes up, you just keep your mouth shut?

its one thing to walk by a homeless person asking for money. its another thing to smack them in the face, or tell them to get a job.

stop thinking youre so damn self righteous and that you must correct all that is wrong with the universes morals. Honestly, i wouldnt give two shits of a judge didnt understand a term or a definition in law school and asked for someones help, i wouldnt mind one bit if a pilot forgot what exact coordinate he was flying to and asked for it again. IN FACT, I would much rather them ask for help, than just go on acting like nothing is wrong.

BUT my point remains, theyre not asking to have their class done for them, theyre seeking help. So either help, or keep well enough alone.

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Not as funny as Homer Simpson’s quote regarding Homer’s Oddysey:

“I loved that minivan”.

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