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Flutherbot+AIM Forwarding=Headache?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) September 24th, 2009

Flutherbot wants to tell me what is happening on Fluther, which is fine and much appreciated.

When I am not online my AIM conversations are forwarded to my cell phone.

Flutherbot tells my cell phone there is great news and I have a new response (or whatever)

AIM Mobile forwarding responds with: “Thanks! your message has been sent to my mobile device, when I see it, I will be able to reply” (or the like)

Flutherbot responds with “My tiny Jellyfish brain cant cope with that.”

All of this nonsense combined with my ridiculous 160 character text message limit, equates to me getting 4 or more random texts at all hours of the night that I cannot do anything with.


Does this happen to anyone else? I like my AIM forwarding and I like Flutherbot, just not in tandem. Maybe Flutherbot could be programmed to ignore such phrases as the AIM forwarding kickback?


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Hmm. Interesting question you’ve got there. I don’t know why it has been ignored. This is a definite issue that should be looked into. I’m forwarding the Q to the Fluther founders and hopefully they will reply in here.

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ironically enough, I was sleeping when you replied to this ;-)

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