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What is the price (if there is)of im on my cell phone with the unlimited meesaging plan with AT&T?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) June 6th, 2008

What is the price (if there is)of im on my cell phone with the unlimited meesaging plan with AT&T?

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none, each IM is treated as a text, and if you have unlimited… then you have unlimited IMs

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Ok, it took me like ten reads to figure out that im isn’t I’m, it’s IM.

I don’t think there is any fees as long as you have unlimited Internet (a must on the iPhone) and unlimited texts.

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I can’t help you with a meesaging plans but I bet AT&T can answer to messaging plans

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do I need unlimited internet though because I read this on

Q.What is the cost for sending and receiving Instant Messages?

A. You are charged $0.20 for each message you send and receive. For a better value, sign-up for a MEdia Bundle.

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that could be if you don’t have messaging, my sister has been running IM on her phone forever and the bill hasn’t changed, all I know though is that we have unlimited texting and minutes to AT&T users, I don’t know about that media bundle though I’ll have to check that out and come back to ya

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Thanks XCNuse that would help.

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Okay back and I see what happened, the FAQs you read weren’t complete, here is what the full thing said:

All AT&T customers with Text Messaging-capable phones are pre-activated to send and receive messages at $0.20 per message with no monthly charge. Or, you can save money and sign up for a Text Messaging package.

(note that it says text messaging-CAPABLE, not that it has it, but is capable of having messaging)

So yes, if you don’t have text messaging in your plan, you will have to pay 20 cents per IM; if you do have texting, then it’s free.

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Well I know that on a “normal” cell phone, the IM runs solely through the text messageing system.

Since you have to have unlimited Internet on the iPhone, I don’t see where there would be any issue.

I’m 99.9% certain that you will not have to pay 20 cents per IM, unless you go over your text limit. Meaning that if you have unlimited texting, you won’t ever be charged for IMs.

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I don’t have the iPhone though. I have the Sony Ericsson w580i

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Ah, then it for sure runs through your texts. Unlimited texts=no extra charge. ; )

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