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How long is a cut onion still good in the fridge?

Asked by sdfas (1points) September 24th, 2009

Half of onion used, other half wrapped in plastic in fridge. Good for a few days? A week? A few weeks?

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Really depends on the fridge. How long do your veggies usually last?

I’d say 5 days.

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As long as it hasn’t turned mushy, slimy, or brown it’s fine. I’ve had some last for a week or two. Depends on what state it was in when you bought it.

Vidalia onions and red onions tend to spoil more quickly than others.

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Andrew has it right. Exactly five days.

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If it’s still crisp and smells like an onion, it’s fine. If it has turned into something you don’t recognize, or smells like something else, give it the heave-ho.

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I don’t know, seems like onions last forever to me. I’ve had my current onion for almost 2 weeks and it’s perfectly fine. It’s just now starting to dry out, but it’s not rotten at all.

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It varies depending on the sugar content of the onion, your fridge temp, the packaging. Go by looks. I agree with @Buttonstc and would add or is all dried out. If old, it may become “hot.”

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I agree with ubersiren, I’ve had some since 1976! Not really, but they do seem to last at least a few weeks in my fridge, generally longer than many other veggies. I usually am using your basic yellow onion.

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