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Why aren't there tax breaks for the disabled?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 26th, 2008

the economy is bad i understand that and the goverment is trying to give relief to taxpayers with a little extra money this year,but they are not helping the disabled at all,most of them are on food stamps just to make ends meet.
they will not get any increase because the goverment decided to give it to the working class.
why do they not help everyone,no one decides to just wake up one day and say i think ill be disabled today.

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My understanding is that the rebate isn’t anything more than a loan on your 2008 (fiscal) taxes. It isn’t extra money, it is just an advance on a portion of your rebate next year. You will have to claim it on next years taxes.

So if you don’t pay any taxes now it really doesn’t make a difference.

And the details of the policy haven’t been hammered out yet so it is impossible to know what the exact details are.

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i noted it because it said in our local paper that no increase would come to help those on social security or food stamps.and before this they where considering a raise .
they even showed people in offices trying to live on $21.00 a week.

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The Democrats tried to get provisions in to help the people on SSI, Food Stamps, and Unemployment. Pelosi caved and that stuff got removed. But tax breaks for companies remain.

It really is a steaming pile of bullshit that won’t help the economy much. I would equate it to putting a band-aid on a jugular sliced by a hockey skate.

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great answer ,john and thank you for all your in put on this

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The stimulus package is not nearly as bad a johnpowell has described. First of all, the package is not intended to provide long-term help to anyone. It’s supposed to give a quick boost to consumer demand and thereby avoid a downward economic spiral.

The tax rebates will, contra johnpowell again, go even to taxpayers who owed nothing in income tax last year.

For a good rundown on the positive aspects of the stimulus package see here:

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My understanding is that the poor would not blow the money and stimulate the economy whereas working people would spend it “foolishly” like a bonus and stimulate the economy. Paying your normal bills with it doesn’t kick start anything. The last time Bush did this it did help the economy.

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When people talk about how giving money to businesses won’t help the economy I don’t think there really looking to deep into it. I have a small business and the second I get my check I’m using all of it to hire some extra help that I need to get a big jump on 2008. So basically all the money I get which right now is looking like 1000 is going strait into someones pocket that needs the money more than me and then I’ll make even more money from that extra work and buy that subaru that my girlfriend really wants. So I’m not sure why people bash giving businesses money. We run a tight ship too. I pay tons of taxes and only make around 30,000 a year.

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Is it really just an advance on next year’s rebate, or are you just illustrating the point that it will be taxed as well next year. Both are very different and I’d appreciate clarification.

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At least if the Senate bill passes Mental Health coverage will be required by medical insurers to be treated as any other illness. That will allow many people with brain disorders to work because they will be able to stay on their medication and treatment plans when they have a job that provides medical coverage. As it is now, mental health coverage is so limited that anyone with a mental illness that may require inpatient treatment has to get on disability in order to be covered. If they have a job they will most likley go bankrupt before they are sick enough to get on disability, that is if they aren’t thrown in prison for behavior steming from their mental illness, at which point they won’t be eligible for diability if they are convicted of a felony. Most insurances don’t cover in patient mental health any more.

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The rebate is a rebate, it is a refund of taxes you have already paid. It is NOT taxable, now or ever.

There is a tax break for the disabled.

No offense but you should read the tax code before misquoting it.

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@DrBill Thank you for the correction, I believe that is the case.

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