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Why do old men wear their pants higher than younger men?

Asked by yazeed (65points) September 27th, 2009

Why do old men wear their pants higher than younger men? What exactly is the connection between the culture they grew up in and how high do old men raise their pants as compared to younger men?

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Because when they were young men, the style was to wear them higher so that is what they are comfortable in.

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so they stay on…?

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@BBSDTfamily I hope that doesn’t mean that sixty years from now the world will be filled with a bunch of 80 year-old saggers!

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@supermouse Hopefully boys will grow out of the sagging thing by their late 20s.

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Here are some suggestions from a few months ago.

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maybe it has something to do with loss of sensation….and style.

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@SuperMouse Haha I hope not either

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Who says we do? Hell, I’m 55 years old (that qualifies as old, right?) and I prefer to wear my pants around my ankles (at least when @sccrowell is down on her knees….in due consideration of another recent question, here).
See ya…Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther 55 qualifies as old only to people who are under 35. According to the “How old is old?” rule, anyone 20 years older than you is old. If you were 69, you’d be old. At 55, you are just mature.~

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@evelyns_pet_zebra….Oh, I get it,,,,a sliding scale and the reason I still feel like a kid. Thank you for that.
To those over 35: As a mature man, my answer still stands (unlike @sccrowell, who, of course, is on her knees).
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Maybe because they wear Fruit of the Loom underwear and not Calvin Klein so they don’t feel a need to show it off!

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I think when they get old they have to decide whether to wear their pants over their paunch or under it and over it is more comfortable. Of course this statement doesn’t apply to anyone here since we are all so trim and fit we don’t have such issues.

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The sagging style originated in prison where belts are withheld. We Old Guys remember that, and some of us find it distasteful. There are better role models in the inner-city community.

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@janbb you erroneously assume all old guys have a paunch. Many old guys are thin as a reed, and lacking anything to wrap their belt around, they need to hike their pants up to their nipples in order to find enough body fat to get the belt to catch. =)

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Maybe we’ve finally figured out that showing a bit of plumber’s crack is not the most pleasant sight in the world.

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Because they are unfashionable.

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Hahaha I ask myself this everyday.

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That’s easy. Older men tend to have bigger bellies if they don’t take care of themselves. At that point, you can either wear your pants below your belly, which I bet makes it hard to keep them up and it accentuates the gut, or you can pull them up above the belly, which makes it easier to keep them up and makes it look like you have a big package instead of a big gut. Or something like that.

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Did anyone ever see the “Mom jeans” fake ad on SNL?

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