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Alone for 3 Months... What do I do with myself?

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) September 28th, 2009

Hey Everybody!

My girlfriend of 4 years is getting an internship from a major film special effects company and is going to move to Los Angeles for 3 months. (She leaves this Friday) This is an amazing opportunity for her, but it’s a little bittersweet because of the distance (we live in Orlando currently). Our relationship is fantastic, and we have been living together for 3 of our 4 years. I have absolutely NO worries about either of us being untrue or anything, I will just miss her greatly.

My work schedule is pretty full and I work fairly late, so my days are not really a problem, I’m just worried about the nights n stuff… which I know will be kinda lonely (I do have 2 cats though, so it’s not super lonely I guess.)

I’m also dealing with the recent death of a very very dear friend that’s been hitting me pretty hard (it’s been 3 weeks), so I’m a little worried about what to do with myself, as when I’m alone I can’t really think of anything else. Each day is a little better than the last… but it’s still difficult.

I mean I have plenty of hobbies and friends, and work takes up tons of my time… but I just will miss having my best friend around.

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There’s no magic cure. You’re just going to miss her. Take this time to enjoy your hobbies and your other friends. Missing her is actually a good thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. That’s tough… I guess I would suggest if you like to read picking up a book or two, maybe something that would make you laugh or help you heal from your loss. I would also keep incorporating your friends and favorite hobbies into your weekly schedule. And hey, just give her a call and chat! 3 months will really fly by, so take this time to do some things you’ve always wanted to do, just for you.

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Make some of that fantastic art of yours! Write letters (actual snail mail) to her. Plan a nice surprise for when she comes back. And yes, indulge in the things (food/movies/music?) and people she’s not so crazy about. :)

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@chicadelplaya and @NaturalMineralWater thanks for the kind words, I’m sure 3 months will be over sooner than later.

@augustlan you flatter me, I’m sure that I’ll dive into some paintings in the next 3 months. I just bought a ticket to go over there for Thanksgiving and the snail mail is a good idea. As far as the things she isn’t crazy about, there isn’t much that I’m into that she really dislikes… I guess I’ll try to avoid eating seafood to the point of iodine/mercury poisoning. :)

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Reading is definitely a great idea, or you could dive into a new TV show that you’ve always wanted to see but didn’t have the time for– get some boxed DVD sets and have season marathons.
Also, in this day and age, you’re never too far apart to see each other as long as you both have Skype, a webcam, and a working internet connection :) I’m sure just being able to talk to her face to face albeit through a screen will ease some of the loneliness.

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1) Pick up a language – Say Spanish… something like Rosetta Stone would work nicely in the three month timeframe…
2) Save some money during the three months
3) At the end of three months reunite at a vacation spot… say in Cabo San Lucas… where you can use your Spanish, get reacquainted, and remind her why she should never leave you for 3 months again…

Hope that helps…

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Thank goodness we live in a time of Skype, cell phones and affordable long distance rates. I remember moving 100 miles from my family and not being able to call very often because we couldn’t afford the long distance bills.
This is a piece of cake compared to 30+ years ago!

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(For a fun activity suggestion, go to Winter Park and take the scenic boat ride on the lake. The town is a great town to walk around anyway but the boat ride is really pleasant.)

If you can, try to find some activities that you like to do that your partner doesn’t and spend time on them. I watch Netflix and have dinner with friends when my husband is away.

If you are grieving the loss of your friend who died, try not to spend too much time alone. You will feel sad and sorry for yourself which is only good up to a point….

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Left handed suzuki method.

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Make sure you both stay in touch. Stay close with each other. Make time every day like after work to have one on one time.

Not going to be easy since you will be the one on the phone at 3 in the morning.

Having lived and worked in Hollywood it is a whole other culture. Not only the people themselves but the Biz. Ya work hard and you play hard.
Make sure you both make sure to keep the connection.

That aside… Leave the dishes in the sink, kick your socks off, don’t worry about picking them up. Take the time to eat and do things you normally did not when she was home.

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Get a puppy.

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I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of you on You could make it your personal goal to get to 10,000 lurve by the time she returns!

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Sign up for some volunteer work in your area.

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ya fluther is a great place to learn more about yourself and others. Picking up a new hobby, reading books you have always wanted to, working out, or picking up a new tv series are all good things. Learn to do something you have always wanted to but haven’t had the chance…that’s a wonderful thing to do. And think how surprised she will be when you have learned all sorts of new things!

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