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Can you develop asthma in your 30s?

Asked by gussnarp (2835points) September 28th, 2009

Ever since I moved to a new city about 5 years ago, my allergies and any colds I get have begun to turn into chest congestion that makes it difficult to breath. Twice I have ended up at urgent care and gotten shots, nebulizers, and inhalers. I’m not looking for an actual diagnosis of course, more thoughts in a general nature on the topic, but I wonder if I could be developing asthma, and if the higher air pollution of my new town could be the cause. Any thoughts?

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I believe you can develop symptoms of asthma as you get older as a few people in my family have only started suffering with symptoms in their 30’s or 40’s. Of course they have probably always had asthma but the symptoms have been so mild that they didn’t realise until the symptoms got worse. Do any of your family members have asthma? It may be a hereditary thing.

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I always thought that one got asthma and allergies when young, but it turns out it can happen any time in life, and people who have been allergy free can suddenly develop severe reactions to allergens which never disturbed them before. Likewise one can develop asthma at any time of life.

I would seek an evaluation, so that you can get on top of it quickly – it can be a dangerous illness.

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Yes. You can definitely develop asthma at any time in your life. I didn’t develop it until
Adulthood. But there was also a strong family history.

You should definitely find an Allergist and get tested to figure out what’s going on.

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Yes. It can develop at any point, like others said. When I was 20 and having severe allergies, they tested me for asthma. It was a simple test, I had to blow into a machine for as long and strong as I could. Then they told me I didn’t have asthma. So, definitely go to an Allergist because asthma can be treated once found.

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Yes, it could. My mother developed asthma in her 50s. Have you checked the particulate matter in the air in you current city? See where it ranks.

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Yes. Many people develop asthma or allergies in adulthood. It is quite common in fact. You might simply be allergic to a specific allergen found in your new town, which has been getting progressively worse (5 years) because each year “boosts” your immune system more in more. Typically, it takes 2–3 years to develop a new seasonal allergy, which seems about right for your timeline. As others have said, seek out an allergist/immunologist for allergen testing and pulmonary function tests (asthma).

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Yes. I think people have already given fantastic answers. From a personal viewpoint I’ll tell you this. I live in a valley known for trapping in pollens. People move here and are always surprised that now suddenly they have allergies. My younger brother, as a kid, was on two separate asthma medications. When he left the town the asthma pretty much disappeared, no more medicine was needed anyhow.

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Not only can Asthma like symptoms develop in adulthood but they can be the result of a number of different things…some of which both individuals nor their doctors think of. A move into a city might be a source of increased pollution exposure but it could be just as likely that you are getting less and less time out in natural light and are therefore extremely deficient in vitamin D. Extreme deficiencies in vitamin D can exacerbate existing asthma but it can also produce Asthmatic symptoms in persons who previously had none. It’s worth having your levels tested.

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