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Knitters: Do you have a good beret pattern?

Asked by knitfroggy (8962points) September 28th, 2009

My sis and I were at Target today and we saw some really cute berets. I refuse to spend the money they want for them when I could make them for a quarter of the price. They would be better looking handmade anyway. Do you have a good beret pattern or know where I can find one? I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find one to satisfy me. Thanks!

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Here‘s a really cute free one on ravelry. I haven’t made it myself though.
Edit: Ohh! And here‘s another one!

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Here’s one I like. You can always replace the pattern with anything else that would work with that number of stitches and sections.

What specifically are you looking for?

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Hmmm, I just re-read the question. What was it about the ones you found that didn’t satisfy you?

Oh, AND ohshit that second pattern is actually for crochet. Damn it! And it’s so cute, too! Well this one is really cute AND actually knitted. You’re making me really want to make a beret now!

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@La_chica_gomela : I guess you have to be able to login to see those. I’m not getting them when I click on your link.

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@cyndyh: Omg! You must join ravelry! I’ve found the best free patterns there completely legally! And tons of other info! They have great forums, too! I’ve gotten so many good tips about brands of needles and what to do with certain yarns! I mean, fluther is great, but there are what, 15 of us knitters here? Ravelry has like 10,000

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Does it cost? What do you do to join them????

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Of course not! It’s free! Just click on “Create an account now”!! (I think the link is on the right-hand part of the page)

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Oh, cool! Aran socks! I love Aran stuff. I’ve made Aran sweaters and I’ve made lots of socks, but never made Aran socks before. Cool!

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Sorry, by that I mean I just joined. Cheers! :^>

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Yay! Happy knitting!

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@cyndyh I love Aran stuff too! My friends mom brought me a pattern book of Aran sweaters from the 1960s. I haven’t made anything out of it yet, but I plan on it. I made an Aran Christmas stocking a few years ago, it’s beautiful!

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Do you still need some answers?

Here are some of my faves:

Reverie from knitty is very pretty and versatile, if not the easiest pattern out there.

La Parisene is another more complex beret, but the results are pretty.

Kelbourne Woolens publishes some very nice free patterns: here, here and here.

This one looks nice, but I haven’t knit it personally.

This is one of my favorites (on right-hand side of screen; it’s purple and awesome) because it’s very mindless, works well, and makes short work of a bad hair day. If you knit tight, or the hat just seems small, I like this blog post for info about how to modify it. It also works if, like me, you have a watermelon for a head. :P

Good luck, and if you need more links, ask!

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@knitfroggy: I was on an Aran kick for a while. There was a sock kick, a Fair Isle kick, a lace kick, you name it. But I’ve always loved Aran stuff.

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@cyndyh I want to make myself an Aran sweater, but it seems like I never make myself anything. Most stuff I knit I give away as gifts or I make it for the kids!

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I hear you on that. I currently have two pair of socks, one sweater, a lacy scarf, and a grocery bag. I made all of those in the last year and a half for myself. Everything else I’ve ever made was for someone else.

If I thought it would help I’d order you to pick a pattern for your own Aran sweater now. :^>

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You folks crochet? I can’t follow a written knit pattern to save my life. Would love to learn one day, but for now, does anyone have a beret crochet pattern? I joined ravelry awhile ago, but I must confess I have had so little time to yarn since then I’ve forgotten my sign-in info.

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I crochet. La_chica_gomela had a crochet pattern up there at the top, I think.

Crocheting ends up being easier. Take any six section flat circular doily pattern to start. When it gets to the desired size, start working in a flat decrease until it gets back down to the size of the band rim section that would fit snug on your head, and then crochet the small tubular section of the band.

Part of the beauty of crochet is that it’s easy to rip out one stitch at a time and redo whatever you want. If you do that when knitting, you have to take a lot off the needles and put a lot back on. Also, it’s easy to see exactly how big what your making is when you crochet. With knitting you have to figure how big things will be and hope your stitches are the size you thought they’d be, etc. Crochet is easier to wing it.

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Thanks for the links everyone! I am going to go buy some size 3, 16in. circulars tomorrow and get busy! I also like the one knit flat on size 11.

Last year I modified a dish rag recipe I have and made my daughter two really cute berets. It’s a recipe that comes on some cotton yarn for a doily type dishrag. It’s round and lacy, very awesome. I knit it in worsted weight on bigger needles then kept going until it was long enough and then increased up to an even number and did a 2×2 rib. It’s very adorable but isn’t that warm since it’s open.

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@wildpotato: You can just click “forgot username” and they’ll email it to you. It’s not that hard…

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