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Is there a way besides going to a skin care place, to remove skin blemishes?

Asked by bumwithablackberry (932points) September 29th, 2009

Say someone has a red streak across the midsection, bite the bullet and go for the laser? And what’s a good moisturizer for men?

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Skin problems are caused by dietary problems. I suggest you start by examining you diet, exercise, and sleep habits. HTH

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Vitamin D is especially good for the skin. It can be taken either in gelcap form or applied directly to the skin (or both). Laser is expensive and may require multiple treatments and healing time.

Might I ask what the red streak is from?

By the way, I would be careful with the moisturizers; long-term overuse can actually cause damage to your skin. Use them sparingly.

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No. I’ve had “trauma skin” my whole life, the kind where pressure marks leave scars and there’s no cream aside from a caustic prescription peeling kind that’s had any effect.

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Sorry, a correction to my previous answer. Vitamin E, not D. (Sorry, it’s late.)

I’ve heard of Traumatic Skin Disorder once or twice when I was pre-med in college, but never heard of anyone who had it. I do know that it might be better for you to seek the advice of a dermatologist rather than simply asking for advice on fluther.

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Regularly change your pillowcase. Like several times a week. Seriously.

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ooh sandblasting, the working mans dermabrasion. The streak is from being fat, not fat any more, but I have an unsightly roll line, heehee. Not a big deal jus wonderin, like if, retin-a or hot grits, or maybe if I just got a six pack, of beer, and grew my belly so it would blend more

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