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Is there anyway to make google calendar email a reminder to a different email address than the one you are logged in as?

Asked by seek2be (127points) January 28th, 2008

I manage a calendar for a lot of different people and i would like to have reminders sent to different folks and sometimes several people at one time. Is this possible in google calendar? If not, does anyone know of a calendar that does?

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try to integrate into your strategy. It is very powerful and has good integration with Google calendar.

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what about creating a rule in gmail to forward the reminder (based on subject line or sender) to the address you want to use?

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i figured i could use filters. However, that is much messier than i was hoping. Plus, i may want to remind different people of the same event at different times. It seems like this would be an incredibly easy feature to implement, just let the user define the reminder. I suppose the reason they don’t allow that is to prevent spam? However, I have found NOTHING that allows it without some pretty sloppy rigging, typically involving filters that won’t quite work exactly as i want. I have installed phpicalendar on my server but don’t even know where to begin to make that work. I accessed it in sunbird and, of course, still did not have the functionality i was looking for. It is simple, i want to say “Reminder go to X, Y, Z” Reminder 2 go to X, Y” etc. =(

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