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How do I combine these three different Google Calendars into one?

Asked by jlm11f (12393points) November 7th, 2009

My main google calendar is the one from my original gmail address. My school has finally made a google calendar with our classes on it but the problem is that I can only view it by adding it under “Friend’s calendars” into the google calendar of my SCHOOL’s provided email address. What I want is to be able to view this classes calendar using my original calendar (confused yet?). I have added my school email address under “Other calendars” in my original calendar, but that won’t show me the classes information since those aren’t directly written into the school email calendar, but are part of the school calendar itself.

I cannot add the school calendar directly to my original calendar because that calendar is private and can only be added by emails ending in my school’s name (@——.edu). Help?!?

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@PnL I’m not sure if WIndows 7 has this option or not but on mac what i did to solve this problem was to link my google calendars with iCal (which you can do either through google or iCal) and merge them all within a specific calendar group in iCal. I don;t know if windows has that kind of app or if there is a sync option with google for windows but you might want to try that. It will basically download all pertinent information from calendars and allow you to manage them any way you choose.

Hope this helps!

Edit: I just went on my google calendar. Find the calendar you wish to merge and click on settings… it gives you the option of either importing or exporting calendars into or from that specific calendar. You can either export them as a zip file (to use in your own calendar app) or import to your google calendar.

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@Dr_C – The problem with the school calendar is that it is private. So I can only view it. I cannot edit, import, export, etc it. I don’t have iCal. But google calendars allows you to import iCal calendars. So I tried exporting the private calendar into iCal but it wouldn’t work because it is private. I have a feeling there isn’t a way around this :(

Thanks for trying though!

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I’ll keep looking for something.
BTW.. when you click on an event in the private calendar.. does it give you the option to “copy to my calendar”?
If that works you might have to copy each event one at a time.. but still worth it no?

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Yes it does. I wonder if there’s a way to copy them all instead of clicking on each event individually.

Edit – I tried this and almost thought it would work but I got this error instead – “Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file.”

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I know there’s a way, because I’ve done it. I have the kids school’s calendar on my calendar at work and on my personal calendar. I also have my personal calendar and my office calendar on my work calendar. I also have the holiday calendar on all my calendars.

Anyway, it’s possible. I don’t remember what I had to do to make it happen.

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