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What should my friend buy his wife for her birthday?

Asked by drdoombot (8145points) October 1st, 2009

She is turning 27. She isn’t much of a romantic or a sentimental person, so little notes and photo collages and candlelit dinners won’t mean much to her. She doesn’t like spa treatments, massages, makeovers, or manicure/pedicures. She’s not into music concerts and a dinner out isn’t really that special for her. Basically, she likes things that have a more lasting, concrete effect than a day of being primped and taken care of.

So, she’s more into a material-ish thing that she can say her husband got or did for her (a spa treatment, in her words, is something that is forgotten two weeks later). That said, she’s not into jewelry or expensive trinkets and such.

Gifts that she has enjoyed in the past:
– Laser hair removal treatment (has an effect that lasts several years)
– A shopping spree for clothing (around $300—$400 worth)
– A nice, new cellphone (she currently has a brand new one)

Basically, she’s a tough cookie. Any ideas are welcome!

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What are some of her hobbies?

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Why not a cruise?

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Um, taking care of children, cooking, cleaning… She’s a housewife. She also runs a daycare center and attends school part-time. She seems to have a mild interest in art, but my friend doesn’t think she’d like art supplies like paints, canvasses, etc.

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Why does it have to be a surprise? Could he not ask her what she wanted?

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Buy her a Movado watch…...

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Tattooed make up you said she liked the laser hair removal

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Gold plating for her iphone or Touch

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Her own parking space outside her favorite mall? too soon?

Maybe he could get her some luggage and ticket to a tropical location.

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Or a nice gadget, like a camera or a net book or something.

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Kindle reader

Gifts certificates to Massage Envy or some other massage chain

Wii Fit

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Cool school supplies. Organizing service. Personal shopping service. Maid service!!!

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@hungryhungryhortence A kindle loaded with her favorite author would be a WINNER

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A really beautiful large piece of art/painting – framed.

Liking the Wii Fit idea… (Maybe that is because I want one :D )

New laptop, designer handbag, tickets to an overseas resort.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I actually ran most of these by my friend before I posted the question… :(

The ideas I liked most were the Wii Fit and Kindle, but they don’t have a Wii and neither of them are readers.

I think I will pass on the designer handbag idea.

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Vacuum cleaners, toasters and irons are gifts that will be remembered for a long, long, time.

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@drdoombot Does she have a Touch? That can be engraved & loaded with music. my husband got one for me as a gift

Would she be into a spa-like gift for their home? (Like a towel warmer)

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Can’t vouch for this lady, but I would appreciate any kind of new appliance: washer, dryer, oven, fridge, vacuum. But he better do some research with Consumer Reports before he buys to make sure that he is getting the most bang for his buck and have him try to find out what type of any of these products she would like (example: if it’s a washing machine does she want a front or a top loader, does she have colors that she likes?) It sounds like she isn’t very sentimental, but he better find out from HER friends if this type of gift would be appreciated. I would love it, but some women might be offended by a gift that suggests that she is the only one that is required to do the housework.

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