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How can I get my hair to "swoosh" to one side similar to Justin Bieber's?

Asked by jambon_777 (37points) October 1st, 2009

I really want to know how to get this hair style. I don’t mind using the blow dryer. (I would prefer it over gels or sprays) Thanks!

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Personally, I think he’s one of the worst singers to come around recently, and I would never want to look like him (If I was a guy). But if it floats your boat, then.

Is your hair curly or straight, thick or thin? Those things matter too.

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Here’s a pic for anyone who can help.


This is what I would do. Get supplies- Comb, blow dryer, hairspray, mousse. 1. Dampen hair. 2. Comb most of hair to front. 3 Comb some mousse through hair. 4. Use comb and blow dryer to “swoosh” the hair to one side. 5. Maybe use a spritz of hairspray occasionally while drying and combing. 6. Finish with more hairspray.

Don’t spray hairspray too close to hair or it’ll look wet and stiff. Hold it back about 10 inches.

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unlikely you’ll be able to do it. fairy hair does that naturally.

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Um, FYI…That style is similar to the one Kandi on the Real Housewives of Atlanta wears occasionally.

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You have to start with the right cut; his is very much a stylized thing. Take a photo of Justin in to a hair salon and see if they can help you.

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lol i was going to try to help but when i looked up pictures to see what he looked like and saw this one i lost it in a laughing fit. i have never seen hair like that before!!!!!!!

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@deni he looks like a 14yr old girl in that picture. which would explain why Usher is so happy.

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I thought Usher went for cougars, no? And that boy looks like that psycho kid on Weeds in that picture.

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@eponymoushipster is that a diss on my man usher? jk. but yes. im still in awe of that hairstyle. it looks like a helmet but almost like its morphing into a conehead.

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I like how in this thread, those who are making fun, or SAYING NOTHING AT ALL are getting more lurve than those of us who actually bothered to help.


Fluther is a collective douche sometimes…

P.S. Do not bother giving me any points. That’s not what I’m getting at here.

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@eponymoushipster That’s an insult to us (soon) fourteen year old girls.

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@mangeons i was speaking in general terms…i’m sure you’re lovely. :)

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@ubersiren I agree with you. I just wrote a ”.” because I wrote the answer to another question for some reason. I wanted to remove it. I don’t even know how I got Lurve on that.

That’s how Fluther is for you. 90% of Lurve will go to sarcastic or jokey answers. COUGH COUGH Astrochuck COUGH

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@deni That picture is too awful! XD

@mangeons I’m pretty sure @eponymoushipster was insulting Usher, not fourteen year old girls.

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