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How can I cut my own hair?

Asked by smile1 (493points) April 2nd, 2010

I have always had my mom cut my hair, but its always been boring, and its just been a trim. My hair is currently just, long and straight.

But I want a totally different hairstyle…like this

But I have no idea how to cut it..! And going to a barber costs too much… Plus…I have no idea if it will look good on me…. (Im part asian, with straight, long, thin, black/brown hair)

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I bet those long bangs will be in the model’s face when the hairspray wears off. Be careful.

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With scissors. Other than that I can’t help. You can take the picture to a hair cutter’s school. They usually cost less. Those bangs will need some product to stay that way.

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I dont care much for the bangs… but the rest of it doesnt look to hard to maintain

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Here’s a video showing how to do the bangs

The rest just looks like long layers to me.

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Be really careful not to cut your bangs too short. Go much longer than you think, and then cut back little by little after that.

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yea, I think the last link I posted would work better for me! Ive tryed youtubing how to do styles like that….but all of them come out to how to cut the bangs…not the rest of the hair…do you guys know where i can find some videos?

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Is there a hair school in your area? They often offer discount rates. You have a student working on your hair, but I am of the opinion hair is hair and it grows back if the student does a horrible job.

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I’m going to get real here. Don’t try and style your hair yourself. Even hair stylists don’t do that. The chance that you can do it and have it look good is pretty low. If you were simply going to trim your hair yourself I’d say go for it but styling is another issue altogether. I agree with the @rahm_sahriv. If a regular hair stylist costs to much then look into a local beauty college, it usually costs 2–10$ there.

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I love the idea of “just” hair. You must be a very righteous person to have “just” hair.

I, on the other hand, have only “fair” hair. But some have said that it’s “nice”, too. I’d love to have “righteous” hair; I’d so settle for “just”.

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There isnt a hair school that I know of…

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@CyanoticWasp ahhh, the difference a comma makes :P

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@smile1 Your profile says you have lived in Tawaiin, San Fran, and Various Cities in WA. All those places seem like they would have a beauty college… Are you living someplace else now?

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so a community college would have one?

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Most cities (even small towns all over) have one- or two-year “beauty colleges” that offer haircuts (and other styling, also simple manicures, etc.) to the public.

Google “beauty college” + your town and see what you get. You might be surprised.

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yes…there is one..i jsut looked…but it costs 30 for a hair cut there. (with long hair. 24 for short)

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@smile1 Yikes! I live in Connecticut, and even here where everything is supposed to be super expensive (and often is) I haven’t paid more than $10 for a haircut (with the tip) in the 8 years that I’ve been here.

I know the rest: ”... and it shows; it shows!”

So look in a nearby town that’s not so pricey.

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really??!?! 10…wow..

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Just grab a bowl and scissors.

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You could try a Flowbee

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Very carefully unless you want to really lower your ears.

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@Buttonstc Fail, and why would you want to keep over 10 haircuts?

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I never said it was a GOOD idea, did I now?

But if one is bound and determined to cut one’s own hair in spite of lots of advice to the contrary, at least it will most likely do the least amount of harm :D

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hahaha,..... i dont think im going to try that…! :) but thanks for the offer

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