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I need to write an iso of windows 7 rc to a partition on my hdd so I can boot it from the hdd. How do I do this?

Asked by jdogg (871points) October 6th, 2009

My computer does not boot from usb, it can’t boot from dvd (no dvd drive) so i need to boot it from the harddrive by writing an iso to a partition.

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What you need to do is write the iso to a DVD, and then boot from the DVD-ROM drive to install Win 7.

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I dont have a dvd-rom drive

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I think you could use this as a template:

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Download an ISO manager such as MagicISO, then create a virtual cdrom drive, mount the WIN7 iso to the virtual drive and start autoplay from within windows, and do an upgrade.

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It’s possible to install from a USB drive.

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I don’t think my computer supports booting through usb (really old)

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@jdogg If it is that old, I am not sure you should run windows 7 on it.

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