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Bible help.. what stories/figures relate to revelation of one's individual purpose or individual fulfillment of God's plan, or similar themes?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) October 8th, 2009 from iPhone

I need to write a creative piece for a Christian audience, and I’m pretty sure I want to make it about an individual discovery of purpose and further connection to a broader context of the many individual purposes that exist and roll up to fulfilling God’s will or plan. What from the Bible can I tie this back to?

(The setting will be Lake Powell, so elements like water and erosion will also factor in.)

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Jacob’s ladder – where the angel comes down and tells him his fate
Joseph’s dreams
G-d speaking to Moses in the burning bush

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Hmm… I’m not quite sure I get what you’re looking for, but maybe the David and Goliath story would work. David had been a shepherd and had learned to use his sling to protect his flock from predators. But at a pivotal moment, when his people faced what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle (in the form of Goliath), he knew that all of his past experience had prepared him for this unexpected role as the champion of his people.

There’s a ton of other examples of people being recruited by God for various missions, or otherwise swept unexpectedly into the cosmic drama: Jonah, Noah, Ruth, Job, Saul of Tarsus, Simon Peter and Andrew (called by Jesus to be “fishers of men”), Cyrus (the Persian king used by God to liberate the Israelites), Samson, Judas Iscariot, Mary, Moses.

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The book of Job is very interesting. It has lots of questions pertaining to life, purpose, trials, and general dealing with God’s purpose and dealing with life. The cast includes Angels, Satan, and God. Not sure about the lake setting, but there is a few references to rushing water and lakes.

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I’m personally rooting for Rahab, the prostitute who lived in the wall of Jericho. She took it upon herself to hide the Israelite spies, and helped to turn the city over to the Israelites. In exchange, she and her family were saved and joined God’s chosen people. She is even mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew.

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Joshua, who was ordered to repeatedly commit genocide by God against the Canaanites.

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The story of Moses seems the most realistic to me. He was a reluctant leader, not particularly charismatic, not a good speaker, and he thought little of himself because of his sins. Yet a leader he became… and people followed him.

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The story of Joseph relates how he was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, but the events that followed put him into a position where he could save his entire family from starvation.

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@hartford3 I really hate the story of Job. It glorifies pointless suffering and cruelty.

God literally gives Satan the all clear to fuck Job (God’s bff) in as many ways as possible. God actually thinks that Job’s mortifying ability to remain true reflects well on himself. Apparently no 1st grader ever told God that friends don’t knowingly and enthusiastically throw friends to the wolves. That’s betrayal.

If it’s wrong when a person does it, it’s still wrong when God does it.

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@fundevogel Yes, but he hits you because he loves you. He promised he will never do it again.

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ah, its that kind of love. Now it makes sense.

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Ah! Now that makes science, uh sense, alright. I just figured God and Satan were using us in sort of a sick chess game. That was our purpose.

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Abraham and Sarah—They were infertile (very old), but they were informed by an angel that they would have a kid?

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Jacob and Ruth are the two that spring to mind from the Old Testament.

Saul/Paul would be the best example from the New Testament.

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