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How important do you think it is that you dress a certain way on an airplane?

Asked by jca2 (8259points) July 12th, 2019

Woman on a plane with her 8 year old son is asked to cover up with a blanket. Flight attendants said her clothing was inappropriate.
The airline has apologized.

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I would never wear something like that personally unless it was a local beach type cover up, etc… But I’m not sure it’s the airlines flight to not have specific rules about clothing, either. Get the list right or leave people alone.

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As long as people have pants/shorts and a shirt on, the airline shouldn’t be raising a stink.

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As long as they aren’t indecent. Some of those clothes do border on indecency.

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The airlines should worry more about getting you from A to B on time than what people are wearing.

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@Dutchess_lll: The woman’s clothes weren’t something I would wear on a flight, but I don’t think they were worthy of getting her kicked off.

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@jca2 Well, let me tell you, full figured ladies tend to spill over sometimes in those kind of little outfits that are probably meant for more of a svelte body. If you get distracted, you can accidentally pull a Janet Jackson…haha!

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Yeh other than her maybe “popping out”, I see nothing wrong with her outfit.

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I feel like heavy women are probably more likely to get hassled about this.

I don’t think her clothing was over the line into what could be called indecent, especially not on a domestic American flight, or a flight from the Caribbean.

I wouldn’t wear something like that on a flight, but that’s not the point.

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