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Best bridesmaids gifts?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) January 30th, 2008

What are the best bridesmaids gifts you have received/given/heard/thought of? I up to anything, as long as it is personal and higher end.

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but i think anything useful is cool but the problem tends to be brides/grooms engrave them with their name, date and all that so they get kind of dated/cheesy.

i always thought jewellry is the coolest. like if they all wear the same necklace or earrings. something practical you can use again.

ooh look this article agrees…

Finally, make your bridesmaid gifts memorable! These days, many brides are opting to give gift sets to their bridesmaids – such as a matching necklace and bracelet, or a heart-shaped box with matching earrings tucked inside, presented in a beautiful gift bag. The girls can wear the jewelry for your wedding day, and then have it to enjoy and think of you each time it’s worn later on.

omg a PINK FLASK what more could any girl need! he he…

Personalized Pink 6 oz Flask
This Personalized Pink 6 oz Flask is a fun way to say thank you to special people involved in your wedding. Your bridesmaids and friends will love getting this unique gift in such a hot color. Personalize each flask with their name or monogram engraved, a truly one of a kind gift.

Who says the gifts you give your bridesmaids have to be generic and boring? Here are some trendy ideas to help you personalize the experience.

Some of these are cool!... actually i love pens too!
Embroidered hanky
Jewelry boxes
Keepsake box
Key chain (engraved)
Picture frames / photo albums
Votive candlesBusiness
Business card case or holder
Designer pen set
Engraved stainless luggage tag
Glass or crystal paperweights
Personalized stationeryPleasure
Aromatherapy kits
Chocolates or candy
Embroidered (personalized) tote bags, stuffed with spa goodies
Embroidered terry robe and slippers
Evening bag or a special purse
Gift cards
Jewelry trays
Mirror compact (engraved)
Personalized glassware
Personalized pillows
Piece of custom artwork
Printed bud vases

This one’s for the girls! Thank your bridesmaids with something they really want.
Cool pictures on this one.

Shopping for bridesmaid gifts is one of those tasks that doesn’t have a specific timeline. Of course, it’s better to buy them sooner rather than later—in general, aim for no later than one to two months prior to the wedding. (The last thing you want to do the week before your wedding is shop for presents—save procrastinating for Christmas Eve).

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My wife got diamond earings which they all wore to the wedding

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What about treating them all to a weekend at a spa?

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A friend of mine, who’s wedding I was in, gave us all gift cards to stores we really liked. Mine was to Apple, another’s was to Sephora, another’s was to a clothing store I don’t remember. Also, she had some beautiful fabric from India so she had purses made for each of us that were specific to our taste. They were really beautiful and incredibly thoughtful. She also had included a couple of small things, earrings for the big day, some lotion, and a lovely letter written to each of us. It was the most thoughtful and sweet bridesmaids present I’ve ever gotten.

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i like the jewelry idea…..buying the jewelry for the wedding but something that they could wear to another event

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If you want to find environmentally friendly gifts come ask me at

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I like jewelry. I gave mine crystal vases.

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I think Gift cards with jewelry is the best option….

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