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What is the difference between the new 8g 3rd Generation iPod Touch, and the 2nd Gen? (Besides the $30 price cut.)

Asked by Seth (302points) October 9th, 2009

I want to know because I’m thinking about getting a refurbished 16g 2nd Gen. It has twice the space of the new 3rd Gen 8g Touch, and the same price. I just want to know what features I would miss out on if I went that direction.

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Shorter battery life when listening to music; no change for video.

Voice Control, like the iPhone.

the 32/64 models have voice over, like the latest shuffle.

basically, it’s the internals of an iphone 3Gs.

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So you’re saying it has a mic?

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@Seth it comes with a headphone/remote/mic all-in-one. imagine a iphone/shuffle headset.

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@eponymoushipster Even with the 8g model?

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@Seth no, that only applies to the Gen 3 models. the 8/16 models were discontinued with Gen 3. Gen 3 is 32/64gb flavors, with the features i mentioned above.

Gen 2 has a slightly longer (reported) battery life, but lacks voice control/voice over.

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@airowDee that’s really helpful, thanks.

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@airowDee Wow, what a helpful answer thank you for contributing.

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the new 3G also has the faster processor found in the iPhone.

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