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Will Apple offer the same iPod Touch back-to-school promotion in 2010?

Asked by RafBM (100points) July 7th, 2009

Apple is currently offering this promotion: students who buy a Mac during the Summer get a free iPod Touch. I know the same promotion was offered last year, but I don’t know about the previous years. Is this a long-standing promotion and can I be sure that the same deal will be offered next Summer?

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i would say yes. as far as i remember, it’s been going on since 2006, so i don’t see why they wouldn’t go on to do it next year.

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@lunabean I guest the promotion wasn’t with the iPod Touch in 2006, since it has first been available in September 2007?

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@RafBM Yeah I was about to say that. They have just recently started their iPod Touch/Mac promotion. Pretty good deal!

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Free iPod with Mac has been going on for years. Very good chance that it’ll be again next year as well.

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They have done this for years. Before the iPod Touch they gave out the Nano, and before that it the classic.

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Yeah, they’re always giving out some kind of iPod when you buy a new laptop, but only if you’re a student. It might not be a Touch next summer is the only thing.

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They officially give a rebate, which is conveniently the base price of an iPod Touch, you can choose another iPod though (iPod only, not iPhone or cash).

I don’t think they’ll this deal anytime soon.

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I’ve noticed that they do this every year, too, but I think their reason is this:

Apple wants to introduce a new generation (or completely new) iPod. They have a lot leftover (in warehouses, etc). The way they get rid of them is to offer them for free when College students purchase Macs.

Then, a while after the promotion has ended, they introduce the new generation/iPod.

So you might not be getting an iPod touch next year. It could be the current generation Classic, or Nano, or whatever.


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