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Anyone know any good summer vacation spots in maine?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) October 9th, 2009

we want to do something different next summe and have decided to hit the northeast. good vacation places?

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Bar Harbor. very pretty and on the water.

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Ogunquit is pretty. Nice, quaint resort town.

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Squirrel Island is gorgeous, and no motor vehicles are allowed, so it’s very quiet. (People have wagons to get their groceries home from the ferry dock, and some ride bicycles, but most people walk.)

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I camped just outside of Freeport one summer. Great sites right on the ocean, and a few minutes drive from the outlets. Plus on Saturday nights, LL bean has free concerts on the lawn. Cheap fun so you can have more cash for shopping!

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All of Maine is striking with many different options.

If you go with @eponymoushipster‘s suggestion of Bar Harbor on Mt. Desert Island, you can see the summer cottages (mansions) of the robber barons. You can drive, hike and boat in Acadia National Park, which has stunning scenery itself. Make sure to catch Schoodic Point on the mainland side. The waves of Atlantic Ocean winter storms hurl immense boulders far inland like giants playing nine pins. The town itself is also very picturesque with great shopping (tourmaline) and places to eat. You can plan ax excursion on a Canadian Ferry (a system far superior to U.S. ferries) to Nova Scotia, St. John’s Newfoundland or the Prince Edward Islands. Closer to home, there is a great tour to Cranberry Island with wildlife to see. Take note that bar harbor is a tourist mecca and the summer and will be crowded, but not unbearably.

Further south is the adorable “toy town” of Boothbay Harbor. Be sure and have a lobster roll there. Again, great shopping. In the past, before refrigeration, ice from Merry Meeting Bay was highly prized. It was cut and loaded into ships and shipped all over the world. If you like that sort of thing (I do as you can tell) hit the murseum and historical society. There may many nature hikes, kayaking, and lots of other fun things to do. It’s an incredibly cute place.

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I’ve been to all the places Marina mentions and can recommend them heartily – we go to Maine every summer. You cna’t beat Mr. Desert Island – where the town of Bar Harbor is – for vacation punch. Great scenery, hiking, swimming, shopping and eats. If you don’twant the hubbub of Bar Harbor, there are towns on the “quiet side ” of the island like Bass Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Somesville that are more low-key and you can still go into Bar Harbor for the bright lights and ice cream.

The mid-coast area around Camden is also a great area to be based in. Camden, again, is very touristy but a delightful town with a beautiful harbor. Rockland has great art galleries and the Farnsworth Museum with a lot of Wyeths.

If you settle on an area and want more suggestion, feel free to PM me. I love Maine!

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