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Can jellies bark and bay when it's time to congratulate Dog?

Asked by Jeruba (45935points) October 9th, 2009

Woof! 10k for our canine friend.

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Congrats Dog! Welcome to the club.

Dog is also our newest moderator!

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Woof! Woof! You go, Dog!

I always enjoy reading your sensible, thoughtful responses.

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Arf! Arf! (Did that sound like Sandy?)

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Ruff, ruff!!


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Dog is a mod? <working on a wisecrack about mod dogs, but it does not seem to be turning out right>

Awooo! Arf arf arf for this humble and loyal friend of jellies who speaks from the heart and gives freely of his insights. Congratulations, @Dog!

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Yay, Dog! Way to go, Dog. You know, Dog. Your answers were alright. I wish you’d have picked questions that were better suited for your voice, Dog. You know what I mean, Dog? Anyway, it was alright. You made it to 10K, so I guess the fans like you, Dog. Peace.

I don’t know where that came from. I’m channeling Randy Jackson. I think I need sleep…

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Wow, what a week! Third Jelly to hit the 10k!! To one of the coolest scyphozoans that you ever did sea!! Congratulations!!!

And, she met Ozzy, dude!

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An exasperated bark at the moon from this dog. I’ve been waiting all day for you to hit the 10k mark.

You’re amazing, Dog – beautiful, eloquent, incredibly caring and a fantastic artist.

You deserve it.

* howl *

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Dog, wow, you made it. You have made some of the most insightful, thought provoking answers to me, that I actually wondered if you knew me IRL. Congrats!

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Bray. Bray. Woof.

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Congratulations Dog!

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Way to fetch that lurve, @Dog! <patonthehead> ;)

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I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to get to know you better the past few months Dog. I always look forward to your posts. You are so helpful, witty and caring. A much deserved 10k. Congratulations! =)

I’m glad I didn’t try to come up with a witty congratulations with this fella.

I was this close!

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I’m howling at the moon for a hometown girl who made it big. First a mod, now ten thou! Go Dog!

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Awoooo, ruff, ruff ::pant, pant::…woof, woof ::sllurrpp::*

*Congratulations – Lots of lurve to you.

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Wow this is one of my absolute favorite subjects, dogs in general. And this “Dog” in particular is a great one. My username is based on what my old dog used to say when you asked him his name so Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to you Dog and congratulations also.

(and look at me, I’m not too late for a change!)

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Waaaaay to go, DAWG! sorry for the misspelling Welcome to the club, please wipe your paws on the mat. It’s not really a mat, it’s one of @AstroChuck’s old T-shirts You are phenomenal, and well deserving of the 10K club.

See you at the 20K club!

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Oh, I love Dog! She was the first person to really show me what Fluther is all about – warm, smart, awesome people. Congrats!

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Sorry, I only meow…purr…

Congrats Dog! Welcome. We have pancakes in the frizzer, and Milk Bones in the cabinet. ;)

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@Jeruba Yep… she just started Wednesday night!

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@Dog, congrats on the moderator position. hopefully, this means we can still be friends, as @augustlan has just gotten mean after they made her a moderator.~

Oh hi, @augustlan I didn’t see you there. ::::blush:::

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@Grisaille @augustlan knows I am just teasing her, and she doesn’t need you to defend her, I’m sure she can kick my ass without any help at all.~ }:^P

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YAY! Congrats, Dog!! You, Dog, are insanely awesome. No joke. Like, not at all. Not even a little. You, awesome, the end.


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Milo here: Well, Dog, not bad. And coming from me, that is a compliment. I give them out sparingly, having really high standards. Where should I send the gift-wrapped mouse? It has a candle in it and is decorated with live moths.

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Yay, congrats!! We lurve you!

You were one of the first posters to stand out to me, and I always look for your input!

oh and if @whatthefluther writes a long response to you, I will be insanely jealous because he skipped my 10k post. runs off to pout

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<—-always looks forward to wtf’s post in the 10/20K threads.

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gotta go to bed. Can’t wait all night for wtf to finish. look forward to reading it in the monring.

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@casheroo Don’t worry. I never received a CONGO RATS from Andrew. hmph!

@WTF Hurry! Fluther is going down soon for some goodies!

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Good boy!

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@WTF, I highly suggest copying what you are writing and saving it into a post, just in case; fluther is going down soon:

Fluther is about to go down for some exciting goodies. Finish up your answers and hold on to your hats!

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Saving it into a document, rather.

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Congrats, Dog! Way to woof!

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Congratulations Dog! You got to 10k in a way that I respect:

You were 100% You and managed to not step on too many toes. You are a very down to earth Jelly and a person knows that they are dealing with someone who is very earnest and honest from the moment they start talking to you. You also manage to be funny and irreverent without being offensive. let me in on the secret someday.

Here’s to the next 10,000!

did i kiss enough ass to get my portrait done?

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Way to go, @Dog! Ar-ar-aroooooooooo! It’s so great to know that there are such intelligent, warm folks on the interwebs like you! :D

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Yay to Dog! I was waiting for you to get your 10K. I knew that so near it, it was only a matter of time!

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UG. I had one all set for you and I missed it when I was looking for 10K.

This site sucks.

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@andrew, did you get modded?

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YAY!!! Woof!

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A special treat, indeed. Congratulations!

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Congrats @Dog, you’re one of the best members here on Fluther and I’m actually surprised you didn’t get here sooner!

I’ll admit, I always thought you were a guy…

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Congrats, Dog!

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woof woof woof hoooooowwwllllllll!

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Congrats Dog!! :)

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seriously, no one thought of posting this?

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@Jeruba Andrew did get modded… multiple times! He kept trying to re-post the question. :)

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Howling at the moon in your honor! Congratulations.

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@eponymoushipster I ought to take you out of my Fluther for posting that link. worst. song. ever. recorded.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@eponymoushipster and that’s the only reason I have kept you in my fluther, besides the fact that I just can’t quit you.

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Another jelly who should’ve been there a long time ago :) We are lucky to have your insight and wisdom!

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@Dog, what are you doing, typing a novella?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra you had me at hello. <single tear>

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im guessing that every time she sees me typing, she stops, because she’s hoping it’ll be the day i propose~

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Hooray 10K!

Congrats to you @Dog!

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Yippeee! I made it to the mansion!

And in my honor I see that @timtrueman is giving out awards to everyone! YAY!

May the party begin! I will bring out the champagne and party platters!

I am so honored by the awesome comments! Thanks so much everyone!

@Jeruba Andrew was modded! How funny! Thank you so much for starting this thread!

@augustlan You are not only an awesome Flutherite but a really cool boss!

@jonsblond The more we hang out the more fun Fluther gets!

@Blondesjon- Too funny! I will always regret missing your 10k- the party of the century!

@andrew How the heck did I beat a founder to 10k? I see you will be here shortly so I will leave the light on, fire in the fireplace and champagne chilling!

@casheroo Don’t worry! I know for a fact that WTF has been working on yours!

@SuperMouse Horrayyy! We are neighbors once again!

@eponymoushipster Perfect party theme music! Are you proposing?

@tinyfaery How kind of you to get milk bones! Gracias!

@Grisaille You and I will someday collaborate on a book- and it will be awesome! :)

@peedub Seriously? You are giving me 10,000 cats? grin

@jmah You noticed! _I figured most Jellies would assume that the old dude with the funky glasses and long hair was me! :)

@gggritso You are so aweseome! I am still in your debt for your incredible help with php coding!

@Allie YOU ROCK!

OMG…. I wrote out a huge response to everyone and it went POOF!
Okay- I will just say THANKS for coming to the party and for your awesome posts:

@evelyns_pet_zebra @PandoraBoxx @tiffyandthewall @MissAusten @MissAnthrope @YARNLADY @Likeradar @janbb @chyna @cprevite @aprilsimnel @DrasticDreamer @Facade @IBERnineD @loser @laureth @Les @lloydbird @mangeons @NaturalMineralWater @petethepothead @pdworkin @rooeytoo @RedPowerLady @Saturated_Brain @Tink1113 @ubersiren @YARNLADY
@SpatzieLover @nikipedia

@gailcalled Milo- I am deeply honored! I will pm my address to you and look forward to receiving the mouse candle holder. When I get to 20k will I possibly get a second one so that they can grace my fireplace mantel?

Lurve to all!

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@Holey heckaroonies…I thought maybe you fell asleep on your keyboard!

I kept waiting for you to hit submit before I typed in my congrats. Here, you were waiting for me to submit.

You are the alpha @Dog @Fluther now ;)

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Another member for the 10k club? Awesome.

Can’t wait ‘til I get there myself.

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You da man now, Dog.

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@eponymoushipster What is it you are taking so long to do? Are you typing?

Dog's avatar

~~ @SpatzieLover Shhh- he is proposing!

SpatzieLover's avatar

@Dog ~~I didn’t know that was the new term for it ;)

SpatzieLover's avatar

@augustlan See, that’s what I thought. @eponymoushipster is rolling on something

Dog's avatar

@SpatzieLover @augustlan ~~Give him time- he is struggling for the right words. It must be perfect!

Dog's avatar

@eponymoushipster ~~ Keep it simple you handsome primate…

SpatzieLover's avatar

@Dog ~~Don’t worry, he’ll do it @Dog-gy style, just for you! ;0)

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See what happens when a guy gets a job! A few days away and I miss the latest par-tee!

Congrats, @Dog! AWOOOOOOOOOOO!

@Jeruba ”<working on a wisecrack about mod dogs, but it does not seem to be turning out right>” It would be something about Mod Dogs and Jellyfish.

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…and the noonday sun?

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Yes!! Only Mod Dogs and Jellyfish avoid the noonday sun!

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Congratulations!!!!! You’ve been at 10K in my book for a long long time now <3

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Who let the @Dog out?


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Who’s a lurve hog? Dog! Woof Aroo! Congrats on 10K.

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@suzyq2463 No she’s a lurve dog! BTW, Dog is one of the people on Fluther who’s sex and gender were not realized by me until I had read a great number of her posts. I think that’s a really neat attribute for a jelly to have.

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Congratulations, @Dog! It’s been at A++ week or so for you at Fluther!

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@janbb : Omg, she’s a woman? I’m so ashamed…. I change my previous answer to “Good girl” then. :(

Sorry, @Dog. Still, congrats! You are very much appreciated!

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@Dog; Milo again. For 20K you get my deluxe chipmunk candelabra. Give me some lead time; they are trickier than mice. (Speaking of which,Gail stumbled over mouse #41 late last night…har har.)

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WOOF WOOF! :D Congratez Dog! :) You deserve your 10k! :) Your such a great jelly!:)
Sorry for being so late,I really like your name by the way :P

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Thanks All! By the way- the gender stuff is never a biggie :)

This is a great party! I even figured out one of the secret awards (with @augustlan‘s help) and am thinking on more! What a great puzzle Tim made us!

@eponymoushipster I can see that you got cold feet but it is good by me. I am not sure if I can handle that amazing monkey mojo ;) perhaps at 20k?

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Dog no, i was just otherwise occupied. let’s do it! let’s make you an honest jelly!

but can you handle this monkey mojo – hmm?

Dog's avatar

@eponymoushipster ~ I accept! Of course we must move to Utah where is it legal ;) are you good with that?

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Dog hrm. maybe you can get the first one annulled. i mean, obviously, you were just doing that “whole thing” while you were waiting for me, right? Obviously.

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Dang I’m late to the party. My heartiest congratulations and a meow meow from Smoochie and me !

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Dogs, as you all probably have noticed, are my favorite people. Thus, I am tragically bad to have arrived late to this celebration.

While all dogs are great, some are very special, and our very own jellyDog (a unique breed) is one of the most special.

I love your posts, dear Dog, and any Fluther conversations that we have had. Now, I have to join a group of my fellow jellies and confess I thought you were a guy. I have no idea why really. I should have looked under your tail, I guess. What matter. I like both girl and guy dogs.

In addition to my hearty congratulations, I’d like to give the Dog a:
B-est in Fluther blue ribbon.
O-ne of a kind.
N-ever snappish; always nice.
E-veryone’s favorite canine.

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Now I’m really getting mad. I want to kick myself for not being around here more lately….looks like I’ve missed some very fun and/or interesting discussions and at least a couple other recent 10K parties (I’ll be there a bit later @laureth and @casheroo). And I want to somehow recover those seven months I took off because nearly all my dear old friends have moved on up to the 10K lounge without me, including, alas my favorite dog.

I’ve always had a strong connection with @dog. We both live in beautiful Southern California, in the greater Los Angeles area, currently, at approximately 5 PM PDT, a rather nice 75 degrees under totally blue skies, no doubt in celebration and honor of dog’s marvelous achievement. Thanks dog for helping make it a glorious Saturday.

Geography is not the only thing that brings dog close to me. She, too, has suffered the severist tragedy any human or dog could possibly experience and that not many recover from. But dog is strong and a survivor. She is responsible, in no small part, to my endless pages of PM comments, and I can’t possibly ever thank her enough for always being there for me. You are an integral part of fluther feature I love the most. It’s not the lurve, it is not my fluther or the other fluthers that have graciously added me, it not my rare clever answer, it is not setting great question records or trading barbs with the monkey man and randomassjon….its those comment pages filled with PMs from Supermouse, Chyna, cak, gailcalled, marina, jeruba, Grisaille, Peedub, uberbatman, Augustlan, cprevite, evelynspetzebra, jonblondesjon, my many other friends here at fluther, and of course you, my favorite dog. You can take the rest away, but leave me those PMs.

Neither of us sank beyond hope from the trajedy we experienced and we were both fortunately blessed with a second chance at what we had both lost. So, we share being two extremely lucky animals. And, in at least dogs case, being very, very special.

And what a very sweet, kind, caring, considerate, loving jelly she is. And an artist, undoubtedly displaying all those attributes in her work. Do you remember when jpowell called it quits here, rather mysteriously and quite thoroughly by cancelling his account. Like everyone else, I was stunned…no shocked, and just couldn’t imagine fluther with out jp. While I wallowed in self-pity at losing the fluther I had come to love (for a second time), dog grabbed a minicam, jumped in her extraordinarily hot Mustang, and drove west to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. And in the damp sand of the shoreline, she grabbed a stick and wrote in the sand a tribute to our Mr. Powell, a mutual friend of some acclaim. She brought it to fluther in a question, shared her video and suggested that this might be a good place for others to share their tributes to the Grand Gentleman of flutherdom. I cried and managed to type a few words to John…fuck it, make that Ryan, probably some non-sense about sharing one more PBR, or something. What every one had to say jp in that thread was special, but nothing was going to top dog’s artistic tribute.

JP was back relatively quickly, in my mind, due in no small part to dog’s video. Hell, it made me love dog even more than I had. I imagine my friend Ryan was at least equally in tears….we all know he is very real and a sensitive and considerate gentleman. And I don’t doubt that dog has touched many of you as she has me and jp. One thing I know, if there is a party, she is among the first to arrive. And while we all gorge ourselves on lurve and pancakes, dog puts on her little apron and starts chilling the champaign and breaking open the party trays and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves and knows where to find her carefully and lovingly placed refreshments.

I could go on forever talking about dog. But once again I’m monopolizing a celebration thread. And I have much catch-up to do, two more 10K jellies, a dog recovering from a fight with a racoon, one more cd to burn and get off into the mail, a couple of more personalized pipes, and not but not least, I have to make up to Sherry for being an ass the last couple of days (I have not felt well, but that’s no excuse).

Dog…it’s cool you got there ahead of me. All my dog’s have been spoiled to death, have never understood the meaning of heel and always lead the way for me…..I’m used to it. Congratulations, dog. I love you very much…..Gary

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@Marina “Look under your tail” lol4rl! Thanks for the awesome congrats!

@whatthefluther Gary, I am so honored and touched. I cannot even describe how your post moved me except to say that I am the one who is blessed to have you as a friend. I took off 6 months from Fluther last year and was behind many in reaching 10k too. I even watched the awesome @The_Compassionate_Heretic skyrocket past 10k at the speed of light in awe! Those who I joined with have kept the mansion warm and the fridge stocked well. So I will be waiting here for you to join us- which will be soon- and when you do we will have a party that rocks the house!
We are fortunate, no? To find that life in utter ashes can be the fertilizer for a beautiful new life. I do hope Sherry forgives your mood as of late and that Bailey is back to peak quickly. Sherry is awesome- anyone who likes Guns and Roses and dogs is awesome in my book!

Well- now I am monopolizing this thread!

I am off to open a beer in the name of friendship!
Many thanks to you all- I am many times blessed!

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@Dog This is the one time you are allowed to monopolize a thread.

You’re a mod, c’mon!

Dog's avatar

@jonsblond Yeah- and I accidently modded myself once already!

Aethelwine's avatar

@Dog newb ;)

I love ya girl!

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@Dog….If the other moderators have not yet filled you in, the truth is I am an active moderation seeker, much more than a lurve whore. Having lived my whole life pushing the boundaries of the extreme, this is the only place I have happily enjoyed moderation. So do have at me, at will….it will be greatly appreciated. See ya….Gary/wtf

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Woof Woof! Way to go @Dog!
Couldn´t have happened to a nicer (and hotter.. rawr) jelly!
P.S. you should think about the motorcycle pic as an avatar… just sayin´

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Ha @Dr_C! I cannot use that pix! It is not orange!

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!

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Late to the party again… but I brought scoobie snacks!!
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! @Dog

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Congratulations, Dog! Excellent work! Sorry I’m late to the party

Dog's avatar

@Bluefreedom Thanks for coming by! You can be late any time! (We saved you a beer and party tray!)

Bluefreedom's avatar

@Dog. Thank you, my friend! Enjoy your day!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Wow, I don’t know how I could be this late!

@Dog You are one of my favorite jellies. I always enjoy your questions and answers. Your words are always kind, funny, and positive. So, a very late, but very real congrats on your 10K. You truly deserve it.

Dog's avatar

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I am so glad you could make it! I saved you a beer too. The cake is gone though. Thanks for showing up!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities she’s one of a kind isn’t she?

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

I have yet to see anything about @Dog what wasn’t excellent.

Dog's avatar

@all- you are going to make me cry! Thanks !

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