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Are American accents considered sexy in Britain?

Asked by jackm (6205points) October 11th, 2009

Here in America, if a cute girl speaks with a British accent, she is doubly cute, and I think most men would agree with me. Same goes with British accents in men on our women. I was wondering if the opposite was true? Could those of you who live across the pond let us know? I want to know if I would have better luck over there.

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No. Americans are considered loud.

Monkey accents are considered exceptionally sexy though

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Thats what I was afraid of. There has got to be some British people who think its sexy, right? Any of you?

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What is an “American” accent? New York accent? Texas accent? Midwest? Boston?

We’re quite diverse, you know. That aside, it is a curious question.

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I had a British girlfriend who really liked my accent. She was way out of my league. The accent making me “doubly cute” had to have something to do with it.

Edit: @Grisaille—There are just as many “British” accents as “American” ones…

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To be sexy, you need to try to duplicate the American accent of the American character in the 80’s TV show Dempsey and Makepiece. And wear a black leather jacket and blue jeans. ;-)

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@Grisaille: I was told by a Scottish friend that Americans all sound the same… until he moved here… and now he sees differences.

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Any sort of voice is seemingly annoying to me, wait, I don’t know about other languages and their voices and what they sound like if I understood them. British altogether is annoying.

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@MacBean I’m sure. I wasn’t presuming there wasn’t; I was just responding to the question, is all.

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Of course American accents are sexy to some…. we’re even sexy to our own. Some northerners think my Mississippi accent is cute. I think New Orleans accents are attractive. There isn’t an “American” accent. We sound so different, even from our neighbors across state lines.

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@BBSDTfamily And he-yah in Neoo Yahwk we tawk like dis.

Okay, not all, but you get my point

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I find british accents to be pretty annoying so I can’t imagine they like ours (american accents)

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I don’t know about the sexy part but Aussies (especially kids) often tell me they love my accent. A lot of the older Aussies hate that so many kids are losing their accents and colloquialisms by listening to too much American telly.

One of the Aboriginal kids asked me one time if I was speaking Texas!. @Darwin should like that one! Think he might have watched one too many cowboy movies.

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Most definitely not!

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I am going to against the tide here and say yes. In both the UK and Australia “guys” with an American accent would never have difficulty in finding a local lady – they loved the “yankee” accents – much to the disdain of many local lads. (Experience in the Navy with US sailors on shore leave.) With women the attractiveness of an American accent depends very much on the type – a western “twang” is very different to a refined Boston accent. I find some painful, and others attractive – as I do with British and Australian. I tend to like people (with any accent) who speak clearly and enunciate properly.

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I haven’t met a British boy who would admit to liking American accents but there are plenty of British ladies who love when a guy speaks with an American accent.

My first boyfriend was English. He does have the most wonderful accent. :)

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I think if a girl is cute, she could be speaking Swahili and you wouldn’t notice. But overall, an American accent would be more of a turn-off than a turn-on in Britain. But this again is not due to the accent itself, but the political and social implications, stereotypes and assumptions. I was recently in Riga when an American boy came and joined us. He proudly announced he was from New Jersey (which we could have figured out by his accent anyway). The expression on both girls’ faces was “uh oh”. At the end of the night, one of the comments was “what did you expect from a stupid American?”.

So I think the accent itself merely denotes the origin, and then all the connotations kick in. Aussies are expected to be crude and macho, Americans to be loud and arrogant, Brits to be aristocratic and old-fashioned (even if the guy you’re talking to is some half-drunk Cockney or Geordie hooligan on his way to a brawl). And of course there are also all the foreigner accents too.

Personally I’d probably get turned off by a southern (eg Texan) accent, but would be fine with something like New York or Boston. And of course it always depends on the person. I’m sure the ladies here will agree Brad Pitt was just as sexy in “Snatch” (playing the gypsy) as he was in “Inglorious Basterds”. And the same goes for female actresses.

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I was asked in a pub to talk more because my accent was “so cute.” Since I was a girl and they were girls, I don’t know if sexy was part of it, but they definitely loved my accent. (It hasn’t happened to me much over there though.)

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Some are, personally i prefer southern accents.

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I question the original premise. Three Weddings and a Funeral accents-mostly attractive, Educating Rita accents-ear piercingly awful

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@galileogirl Beauty, or in this case “cuteness,” is in the ear of the beholder. My husband is from Liverpool and although his accent is not strong, I love those Northern working class accents and tend to giggle at upper class BBC-type London accents. Your point is certainly valid, however, that there are numerous English accents and we each might find some more attractive than others.

Chacan a son gout.

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@janbb—I agree with you. Looooove a Northern accent.

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@MacBean Can’t understand them half the time but love them anyway (or because?). :-)

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im from Kentucky and my boyfriend is from England and we adore eachother’s accents..but also the difference in how we phrase things and have different words for things..i had no idea a baked tater was a jacket potato..LOL shows how much i know. English accents are friggin hot. :)

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I am American and I love a man with a sexy voice and an accent makes it even better.

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When I lived overseas, my friends would goad me deliberately just to hear my “American” response. Their favorite was “listen, buddy!” They said it reminded them of John Wayne, even though I’m a girl. I think people are just fascinated with someone who sounds “different.”

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