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Boring question #81: Which language sounds the sexiest when spoken by men and women?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 18th, 2011

When I wore a much younger man’s clothes speaking French, and Italian was seen as fairly sexy, at least in the neck of the woods I grew up in. m not sure why, I guess it has to do with the flow of its sound. These days if one take conversations made it seems French is still up there for men, Italian for both men and women, but also for women you have Russian/Ukrainian, Brazilian, and Aussie,—might have to do with Nichole Kidman and a few other Aussie film stars.

What do you think is the overall sexy men’s accent, the overall sexy female accent and the sexiest for both men and women?

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Men- Scottish =)

Women- German

Overall- New Zealand


Overall sexy men’s accent——German

I think when German men speak English, their distinct accent puts a very masculine sounding edge to it.

Overall sexy women’s accent——Japanese

When Japanese girls/women speak English, they sound so polite/gentle yet feminine and sexy.

Overall sexiest for both men and women——Swedish

I love it when Scandinavians speak English. Sexy in a formal sort of way.

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This is just for @jonsblond. Don’t say I don’t give you anything! link

For me though,

Male: Some American accents sound very sexy and I cannot resist English spoken with a French accent.

Female: Women’s accents aren’t generally sexy to me. If I have to choose one though, it would probably be French again or Spanish. Penelope Cruz sounds very sexy.

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When I first read your question, I thought O man! Spanish. Because I remember a man saying something in Spanish very softly in my ear when I also wore a younger (wo)man’s clothes (and before I learned to speak/understand it) and wowwwwww. I’ll never forget that moment. S. E. X. Y. But then, reading @jonsblond ‘s answer, I thought O ya, Scottish all the freakin’ way. Mmmmm Gerard Butler. Then I thought of this chick I used to know that spoke Czech and I thought things that, normally, a straight woman wouldn’t think about another straight woman. So, ya. To (not) answer your question, it depends on the mouth from whence it comes.
@Bellatrix It’s funny you say that about Penelope Cruz: my boyfriend is really only attracted to white, American women (not that I’m complaining but what a weirdo!) and he thinks Penelope Cruz is beyond sexy. I totally concur. Hall pass anyone?

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@Bellatrix sigh… sexy

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Men’s—French sigh
Women’s—Mine lol

Though I do have to admit, I would buckle at the knees for Liam Neeson whispering sweet nothings into my ear.
Oh and Cubans….what is it about Cuban men? Gorgeous accents.
Melt the hardest of hearts. double sigh

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@jonsblond & @jetblondie I love a Scottish accent! I listen to a podcast by a couple of Scots and every once and a while they drop their real Scottish accents and do fake Scottish accents which amuses me to no end.

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I have to say, having dated some Gaelic men, that it isn’t just their accents that are sexy.

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@fundevogel Here’s a Scottish comedy podcast. Steven Cliffe He’s a good mate of Jon’s. Funny guy, very sweet too.

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Scotish and Kiwis, never seen that one coming :-)

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I vote English with a British or Irish accent for woman.. Men, Deeep English with no accent for narration on various subjects..

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Anything as long as its not too thick that I can’t under stand you… if you have too deep of an accent and I have to say excuse me or what all the time it just kills the mood.

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For men… British accent! Oh it just melts my hear… So very sexy.
Also italian… italian boys are adorable and the way they talk makes them x10 adorable.
For women… I must say french but sometimes it gets too lame when they say “Oh.. ahh.. baaahh..oooh”

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German for men. Swedish (specifically Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish) for women.

And I can’t believe no one else has mentioned it, but to me the sexiest accent overall is Welsh.

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I haven’t heard enough Welsh accents to really get a feel for them. My knowledge of the Welsh is pretty much limited to knowing that they rest of the UK likes to make fun of them and their country ways. Like the Newfoundlanders in Canada.

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Men – French.

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Francais y la Espanol :)

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Women—who cares!—XD

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Men – Scoo-ish, Spanish
Women – Spanish (penelope Cruz with her accent. Sounds hot!), Dutch

I hate the German accent. Sounds harsh.

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Women : Swedish, so long as it’s not like the muppet chef though….“vould yoo lyke to feeeel ma breashts? Shpundeebloo!!” XD

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For women? French Language and Japanese Accent.
For men? How would I know?

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Men: Irish accent :D
Women: French/Russian
Overall sexy accent: Polish

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For Men: British (like Alan Rickman, Charles Shaughnessy and Patrick Stewart) and Scottish

For Women: Russian and Japanese and Australian (l love how they say “nigh” for now!)

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I love the Scottish on a man and Italian or Spanish on a woman.

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@Kardamom—That’s how the Irish pronounce “now” too!

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As far as languages go, I think French sounds absolutely beautiful. When it comes to heavy accents, I prefer the Irish and Scottish accents. Make me melt like buttuh.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Shouldn’t that be melt like chocolate? Just saying….. :-P

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Either or… =0) I’d like to just sit and listen to Gerard Butler read the phone book to me.

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have you seen those commercials
blahblahblah…. ahhhhhhhlalallalallala…... blahblah….. pepppppssiiii

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As for language, my vote goes to French, be it a male or female speaking it. Using Google Translate, I typed in this insulting phrase, and it still sounded lovely (click on ‘listen’ under the translation.)

Accents are a whole other matter and are really difficult to put into a general category because they vary from person to person. For example, the Americans that have heard my SO’s Lancashire England accent think he is from Scotland. His regional accent sounds little like those from the London area nor those from Scotland regions.

Actors that go international learn to adapt their accent, just like those of us that move around do. It would be interesting if each of us posted a local example of a normal regional accent from our area…not a polished news report type accent, but one that truly represented the region in general. It might be enlightening.

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My favorite language spoken by sexy peoples is none at all. The more guttoral noises the bettah!

Growl, hoot!


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As per @Pied_Pfeffer ‘s request, I will post some common sounding voices from my area (California)

The 3 people in this clip (Bryant Gumbel, Kelly Ripa and Kate Hudson) are pretty typical sounding voices. Have a Listen Although I personally, tend to sound a little bit like Meg Ryan. To me, all of these voices sound like there is no accent at all.


@Jude The German accent is a bit harsh, yes, which makes it a more masculine sounding accent when men speak English with that accent. I think it sounds good when German men speak English. My brother-in-law is German, and the accent sounds good on him, particularly because he has a very low masculine voice as well. You should hear him give directions——he’s a motorcycle cop——the effect is quite interesting. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES You forgot to post a clip that has accents from your part of the country. : )

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Don’t know too much about language but accents…..IRISH omg they are soo sexy if you get as softly spoken Irish man (Liam Neelson, Gerrard Butler (ok he is Scottish but hey) Colin Farrel)

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Everyone is forgetting to post a clip that has a voice from your own neck of the woods, as per @Pied_Pfeffer‘s request. Come on folks, this will be interesting.

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Ok here is a voice clip from the locals of where I am from, and yes folks I am that plummy.

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I posted a new question in order not to derail this one. If you have already posted, please feel free to do so there.

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French for both men and women. It is one of the most beautiful and sexiest languages. You can cuss someone out, and it sounds like you’re speaking words of love and adoration.

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@Jude & @MRSHINYSHOES I don’t buy that the German accent is harsh. At least the only harsh German accents I’ve heard are on non-German actors playing Nazis in movies. Maybe I’ve just never encountered that particular German accent, but I’ve met one of my mom’s German cousins and his accent is anything but harsh, nor did I hear any harsh accents when I was briefly in Hamburg.

But we should really consult @mattbrowne on this.


@fundevogel Perhaps “harsh” is not the proper word. More like “determined” or “strong”. I love the German accent, and I envy my brother-in-law, who seems to command the spoken English language better than most native English speakers. Lol.

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Well, first of all I think we need to realize that the impression of harsh or soft or sexy is always subjective to a certain degree. Some attributes of spoken languages might be easier to measure than others, for example an attribute like melodic (we could measure the distance between lower and upper frequency). Italian is quite melodic for example.

Now about the German accents. There are many. The list includes the following at least:

Ripuarian, Moselle Franconian, Central Hessian, East Hessian, North Hessian, Thuringian, North Upper Saxon, Rhine Franconian, Swabian, Alsatian, Lorraine Franconian, Silesian German, High Prussian, Lausitzisch-Neumärkisch, Upper Saxon, Bernese, Walser German, Oberpfalz Bavarian, Lower Bavarian, Higher Bavarian, Northern Austro-Bavarian, Central Austro-Bavarian, Northern Austro-Bavarian, Cimbrian, Hutterite, Low Alemannic, Central Alemannic, High Alemannic.

The best map is only available in German, but it’s still worth taking a look at:

Some are very soft such as the Austro-Bavarian dialect spoken in Vienna or Moselle Franconian spoken in the Trier area or Swabian spoken in the Stuttgart area. In Swabian all sp and st endings are replaced by softer sh-p and sh-t endings. If sp and st qualifies as being harsh then High German spoken on tv and in the Hannover area could be considered harsh. Personally I don’t think sp and st sounds harsh, though it’s less soft than sh-p and sh-t for example.

Directors of older Hollywood movies never bothered to check with native speakers before release and when watching them in English the German parts sound like very unprofessional filmmaking. This changed in the 70s. And almost all top Hollywood movies from the 80s and later use correct German. When dubbed into German more attention can be paid to the correct slightly accented High German the real character was using. Hitler was born and raised in Austria for example. Later on outside of Austria he had to speak High German otherwise most people from Hamburg or Berlin would not have been able to understand him. But a slight touch of the Austrian dialect remained.

Today in the big cities dialects are on the retreat. Only 30% of Munich’s population is actually from Munich or its surroundings. You will find people from all over Germany moving there, and not only that, lots of Europeans and people from other continents too. At work High German or English is the standard language.

Let’s see how many German accents do survive. Some have already gone extinct over the past decades. But the same can be said for the UK or France. Globalization is one of the key drivers.

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@mattbrowne Thanks!

It’s too bad about the effect of globalization on accents. Though I suppose it’s been happening a long time. When I was studying Russian our prof told us the primary Russian accents were the Moscow and St. Petersberg accents. It was because broadcasting came from those cities and their accents dominated media. The rest of the country tended to adopt which ever mode of speech was in the broadcasts they got. According to my prof.

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