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What is the name of this movie?

Asked by fcos (2points) January 31st, 2008

This film involves a conspiracy around the Oval Office. The lead actor is well known. At the very end, the trapped White House staffer blows his brains out. Oh yes, the Inteligence computer genius was a middle aged man in a wheelchair. He was murdered before he could devulge his findings. Would be grateful for your help. fcos

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I’m gonna throw a couple guesses out there…

The Pelican Brief – 1993
Enemy of the State – 1998

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Do you know the name of the lead actor? And is it just a staff member or is it the president?

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It sounds like the Kevin Costner movie No Way Out. Great film. Also a remake of a 1950 film by the same name.

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It’s “No Way Out”. Best plot twist ever in film.

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