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Is it possible to escape this room? (episode 5)

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) January 7th, 2017

Opening the door to room five you are hit with a tractor beam that lifts you and your handful of rice, and ice axe and lifts you into the center of a new room. It lets you down stabilized on your feet onto a column in the middle of the room. The walls are impenetrable unless stated otherwise. The only exit to these rooms is through the exit doors.

The room you are in has total dimensions of 20’ w x 20’ l x 200’ d. The flat topped perfectly cylindrical column you are standing on has a three foot diameter. On the floor of the room there are 10 uniformly distributed sharpened conical steel spikes with a base diameter of 8”. None of them are within 3 feet of the base of the central column you are standing on. The exit door is at the base of the same wall as the door that you came in from.

The column is made of ice.

Can you escape?

You can ask for one thing to use, and it will magically appear in your hands or at your feet. This thing has to be able to be picked up, and can’t get you any outside help. It can’t become immensely bigger either, unless it’s a parachute. For instance it can’t be a case of hardening foam, etc… But you can have some form of chemistry kit.

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Use bazooka and blow up the door.

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@Sneki95 ok, lets say that worked.. and you didn’t fall off, how you getting down now?

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float over to the exit.

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Vanilla float… :/

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anyone with proper ki control can do it.

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Ask for 12 ft of ¼ inch diameter steel cable. Tie loops on both ends. Put your hands through the loops and sling the cable around the cylinder. Jump. Control your speed by adjusting the tension on the cable.

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