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Things to do in Cancun?

Asked by burlapmellish (110points) December 21st, 2006
Going for three days, staying at the Hyatt. Any must-see, must-do?
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If you're only going for three days, I would concentrate on chilling on the beaches. However, I would definitely take a bus or taxi into Cancun proper to eat at some local-looking taquerias, purchase Mexican stuff at much lower prices, etc.. It's a lot more of a cultural experience than just hanging in the hotel zone. Also, you should consider spending an afternoon taking a bus tour inland to see the ruins at Chichen Itza.
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Go to Tulum. Rent a car and go to their beaches. Visit the Mayan Ruins. Have spa treatments at the Maya Spa Wellness Center:

You will not want to go home! Yum!

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