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What do you do to make you feel better when you have a cold?

Asked by smile1 (493points) October 17th, 2009

Right now, I am feeling horrible with a sniffly nose, sore throat, dizziness and my joints are all stiff. My cough is horrible as well.

Im scaring off all of my friends (with swine flu going around my area…you never know).

I have a big event next week and weekend, and want to feel much better by then! How can I?

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Chicken noodle soup or potato soup or anything hot like cocoa or coffee help or clear make my head and sinuses ease up a little. Supposedly vitamin C is god for everything so drink mad orange juice. This I don’t know if its true at all but my buddy told me when your sick with a cold or something where your not too feverish take really long and hot showers 4–5 times a day. Supposedly you give yourself an artificial fever and its kills off the cold faster. Showers couldnt hurt you though.

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I’ve been dealing with this all week. The only thing that has helped our family is the humidifier that we have. It is well worth the money. Lots of rest too.

Night time cold medicine is very helpful also.

Hope you feel well soon!

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I agree with your buddy for sinus congestion. But, for a cold with fever, I bundle up and whine a lot. Avoid milk and milk products, eat water-based soups, take stuffy nose, cold, and fever meds, and most of all take sick days from work. Oh, and get a box of tissues with lotion. And, Vicks vapor rub. And, run the humidifier. I don’t handle ill well.

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chicken soup and hot tea with honey…I recently tried Mucinex and that seemed to help as well

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I wish those cold medicines worked for me. I always feel even worse after i take them…i dont know why. I guess its cause i usually dont take meds unless im in severe physical pain…

hmmm…. @buster those 4 hot long showers sound great…!! (though horrible for the environment…)

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I take an antihistamine, snort some of that stuff that unclogs my nose, take a couple of advil and act myself into a way of thinking. Until I keel over and have to crawl back to bed.

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Sleep, hot showers, vapo-rub, Tylenol, massages, and moo-shu shrimp.

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Jeeez I forgot the moo-shu shrimp, good work @Likeradar for remembering!

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Emergen*C is very good for adding lots of Vitamin C to your diet!

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of liquids—hot tea especially (it will make your throat feel better).

Don’t do anything too taxing (i.e. a strenuous workout) if you can avoid it, as it can have negative effects on getting well. However, a walk outside to get some fresh air might help.

A combination of chili powder, vinegar, honey and water will break up mucus. Granted, it’s disgusting. :P

You could always mix some hot sauce in with some water and drink that….still gross, but pretty much guaranteed to promote drainage.

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I sleep, eat a lot of wonton soup, and drink a lot of orange juice and ginger ale.

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Chinese Hot and Sour Soup. A grilled cheese sandwich when I feel up to it.

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I grab my blanket, and my tea, basically everything that I will need for the day, and I curl up on the couch. Watch tv, drink my tea, juice, or water. I stay there on the couch unless there is something that I need. I have a designated spot on the couch. Mine!

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Mix up a concoction of hot water, fresh Lemon juice, honey and fresh ginger and sip :)
(You can add omit the ginger & add whisky before bed time!)

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@gemblina do you mean a hot tottie?

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I call my mommy.
She tells me to make some “nice” chicken soup.
I do.

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Sleep (being under a warm, cozy duvet). Fluids (oj, tea). Homemade soup (nice and hot!), Sex in the City, cold meds, and my girl in bed with me, lightly stroking my back or playing with my hair.

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If you’re not to far into it, go get some Zycam Cold Remedy. It really does work to decrease the severity and duration of a cold. My husband has a cold right now and I got on the Zycam at his first symptoms. I still haven’t gotten it. (It’s been 2 days.)

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Thank you all! i will try a lot of the ideas.

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Drink at least a half bottle of vodka and mix it with cranberry juice, it might sound stupid but it works every time, the cranberry helps your system while the vodka kills the germs, you may get hungover but you will be fine the next day!

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@Barcybarce sounds great like it would work…but one problem…im underage.. .ahaha.

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I swear by zinc cough drops (like Cold-Eez) when I’m sick – they’re especially good for fending off a cold when you feel it coming, but even after you’re really sick they can help get rid of it faster. Apparently zinc and Vitamin C cancel each other out if you take them at the same time, though, so I take a zinc every 4 hours, with a big glass of OJ at the two-hour mark in between. It works great – my colds rarely hang on for more than a day after I start taking the zinc.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I took Theraflu warming for flu and cough! I had it and it lasted for over a week, just hang in there and hopefully you’ll get better soon! Rest as much as possible! And drink a lot of fluids!

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My “medicine” of choice is Jack Daniels. It makes me feel better and it’s gotta be killing some of those nasty germs because I always feel better the next day.

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sleep, peppermint humbugs and hot honey and lemon.

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