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Is it legal to buy bongs and bowls online?

Asked by subzero666 (12points) February 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Can you buy it?


Can you possess it?


Werid, eh?

A store can sell you what is obviously a device intended for the consumption of a controlled substance, but you can’t possess paraphernalia.

It’s a distinction without a difference to argue that it can be used for a non-controlled substance. That’s not the issue. The only question is can it be used to ingest a controlled substance.

If it can be used to consume a controlled substance it is a narcotic implement, also known as drug paraphernalia – this is left up to the police’s judgement.

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Actually its perfectly legal to possess it. Its only illegal if it has resin on it. Otherwise its just a tobacco pipe.

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@uberbatman: People have been arrested for much less.

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IANAL, but I was under the impression that this varied depending on local statute. Your best bet is to ask a local lawyer.

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@livejamie people need to know their rights to avoid being arrest for such trivial things then.

@subzero666 It is perfectly legal to buy them online Ive bought stuff online on various occasions now.

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Why not how do we know what you put in it Many ppl put herbs in the things ? Imagine that ! What about those paper sticky zig zag “cig” papers .

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It is perfectly legal to purchase a bong or pipe on line. They are deemed as tobacco use only, and are supposed to be bought under the intention of tobacco use. Weather you use it for that after the purchase is up to you, and you can only be arrested as uberbatman says if there is resin or traces of illegal substances inside it. But even so you should never run into this problem unless you attract some sort of probable cause to you to be search for said resin filled items.

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It’s perfectly legal to purchase.
It’s perfectly legal to own.
It’s perfectly illegal to use it for marijuana.

Buy. Own. Clean it if you smoke with it.

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