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Was there ever a time when you got into trouble in class, but you didn't get in trouble with your parents over it?

Asked by Val123 (12734points) October 18th, 2009

When I was in school, the general rule of thumb was, “You get in trouble at school, you’re gonna get it twice as bad at home!” I know that’s changed drastically today, but I remember one incident in particular when I was a kid. In 3rd grade my friend and I developed a secret code for writing notes back and forth. Basically it consisted of leaving off one line of a letter. Looked way cool and indecipherable! Teacher intercepted a note, called my parents. Folks listened to the teacher complain, and I thought I was in big trouble. I’ll never forget the look in my Dad’s eyes when he turned around and said to me, “sternly” “Did you make this up?” The stern part was meant to placate the teacher, but for me he had a twinkle and a laugh in his eyes! He never said it, because grown ups always back other grown ups (except for obvious and really bad situations where the other grown up was truly in the wrong) but he thought that was pretty darn cool!

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A few time they did not find out

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i got a written warning for downloading porn to the school’s computers. my parent’s didn’t care.

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Yes I can remember one time in 5th grade that is quite poignant. A friend of mine thought that she was ‘so cool’ so she was making fun of a chubby boy at school. Her and her little group started singing this horrible song to him ‘dough boy, dough boy etc..’. Unfortunately I was new to the group and played along at the end. But this friend assured us that the boy was ‘in on it’. Gosh I must’ve been dumb. Anyhow after we knew we had hurt the boy’s feelings because he had said so we made an offer to apologize to him. We really really wanted to make it up to him. We said sorry on our own but we wanted to do it again in a better way. For some reason the principal wouldn’t let us do it. I explained the entire story to my mother and she said that we did the wrong thing by making fun but the right for apologizing and trying to make things right. She did not get me in trouble.

There were other times I got ‘in trouble’ and my mom came to the school screaming in my defense. In those cases I came home crying because I didn’t know why I was in trouble by the teacher. This pissed my mother off to no end.

And then later in life (high school and junior high) she really quit caring so whenever I did get in trouble she was completely apathetic. At that point it was a bit of a regular phenomenon but I was the most well-mannered of the kids who did get in trouble, that counts for something right? lol

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My math teacher in 7th grade hated me, and used to take every chance to yell at me.
One day, he had a letter to my parents that I had to have them sign. I was worried sick (I don’t remember what small infraction of the law I committed).
My mom read the letter, signed it, then said to me “I met him on parents night. I don’t know how you can stand that man!”

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The one time when I told my kindergarten class that Santa wasn’t real, I was scolded and sent to the hallway. My parents weren’t mad at all and had some words with the teacher.
That’s one of the few times that I recall getting in trouble at school. I wasn’t much of a troublemaker.

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@RedPowerLady I’d go screaming to the school in defense of my kids, but my kids didn’t really know about it. In one case I actually pulled my daughter out of public schools in the 3rd grade because of the teacher, and put her in private school. But again, I was very low key about it to my daughter.

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I was rarely in trouble at school—only twice that I can think of. Once I deserved, and served my detention (late too often for jr. high gym class). Didn’t get into trouble at home. I guess my parents figured that the detention was enough punishment, but they did tell me not to let it happen again.

The other time, my mom ended up coming to school to yell at the principal. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but one afternoon during 8th grade study hall I had gone to the music room with my best friend to help with a practice for an upcoming concert. We were with the music teacher. When we finished, we asked the music teacher if we could have a pass to the computer room to work on a report for another class. She said, “Yes, just go. You don’t need a pass for that.” So, we went to the computer lab, spent some time revising our reports, printed them out, and returned to study hall a minute or so before the bell. The teacher in charge of study hall asked us something about the music practice, and we then told her we’d also been to the computer lab. She flipped out. I don’t know what the big deal was, but she had such a fit and said students are never allowed into the lab without a teacher. When we told her we didn’t know that and had permission from the music teacher, she accused us of lying and gave us each detention. When my mom called the school about it, the principal told her the music teacher said she did NOT give us permission to go to the computer lab. My mom was livid. My friend and I were straight-A students who had never been in trouble. It was my first experience with an adult being untruthful like that. The music teacher was willing to let us get into trouble rather than admit that she let us go to the lab because she didn’t know the school policy. Eventually the principal conceded that there had been a “communication error” and spared us the detention. I’m still annoyed with the music teacher for not backing us up!

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I don’t want to sound phony, but I really can’t remember ever getting in trouble at school…in fact, I’m sure I didn’t.

I know that in 6th grade I forgot to bring a signed permission slip on time and I thought I was going to get a detention (which was the teacher’s rule) so I started crying and I think because I was pitiable enough (I wasn’t bawling or anything, just all shaky voice and watery eyes and sniffling) and she knew my mom and all that that she decided not to give me a detention for it. Closest I ever got to getting in “trouble”. :P

I’ve definitely done some things at school that I could’ve gotten in trouble for (letting people cheat off me, joining my friends in a raid of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game players, climbing on the roof, leaving school at lunch, etc.) but I never did. Just luck in that case. But I never picked on anyone, I never fought with anyone, I never talked back to the teacher (though I did get angry at a teacher once because she was a moron, but I kept my cool), and I never did anything scandalous.

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@Val123 Awesome mom alert!

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Smoked on school grounds
I didn’t care then and I don’t care now

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@DominicX I got dentition one time in my life. I forgot to put the cover back on the typewriter after typing class. Teacher gave me detention. I thought I was gonna die. I had never been so humiliated! It’s sad that for so many kids, detention is nothing.

@RedPowerLady Stupid women showed Indiana Jones to her 2nd grade class. It’s rated R for a reason, idiot! I called her. She proceeded to tell me that it was so “obviously” fake (eating the monkey brains and all.) I said, “It isn’t fake to little kids!” At which point she told me that as a child SHE would have recognized it as fake because, you see, she had an IQ at the genius level and didn’t think like regular kids. This was after about 10 minutes of trying to talk to her. At that point I yelled, “So you’re saying you can’t relate to the kids at ALL???” It was at the beginning of December. I had Jen finish out the semester, then transferred her to private school the following January. And told the principal why. Never dissed the teacher in front of my daughter, but my actions spoke loud and clear!

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Well, the problem is that the kids who make trouble get detention all the time and are used to it and it isn’t a deterrent, whereas the kids who are generally good and get one for something trivial (like I almost did)—they freak out.

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@Val123 Now that really sounds like an awful teacher.

That reminds me of the time our teacher accidentally showed a rated “R” movie in class. It was 7th grade. There were two students who were supposed to leave the classroom and not watch any movies but the teacher let them stay anyway. A group of students convinced the teacher the show was not rated “R”. She didn’t check. Ready to know what movie it was? Rocky Horror Picture Show. She didn’t even ‘get it’ during the sex scenes until some kid felt uncomfortable and said ‘are you sure this isn’t rated r’.

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Some teachers are just plain dumb. Luckily I can say I’ve really only had one teacher that I truly felt was a moron. She was a bad teacher. Didn’t know the subject, was rude to students, made us do pointless work, and tested us on stuff that she never covered. Luckily she basically gave us the answers to the tests online and almost everyone got an A.

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@DominicX Well I guess the easy answers and “A” make up for it, lol

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All the time! I’ve done some pretty bad stuff, and never been grounded in my life.

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I cheated on my 9th grade French tests a lot. When I got caught and my parents got called, my mom just said, “I don’t really care about the cheating – I could just never see the point in getting into trouble for it.” This confirmed what I’d suspected for years – the only crime is getting caught.

A much funnier incident happened to a friend of mine: he sauntered into Health class one day just as the bell rang, and in the pre-silence said, “Hey Mr. Linehan. How’s it hanging?” Mr. Linehan told him to go to the office because he had made an explicit inquiry about the state of his genitalia. My friend said, after the ordeal had been wrapped up, that his parents thought the whole thing was hilarious.

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@DominicX Exactly.
@RedPowerLady OMG! Too stupid. My bro in law is a high school history teacher. He had one of the students make a video of some show on cable. Kid brings it to school. BIL plugs it in, then goes to his desk to grade papers. Something…probably choking and giggling, made him look carefully at the class. Their eyes were really wide, and some were whispering, “Shhh! Don’t say anything!” Rob looked at the show and Oh Shit! Uh, the father of the kid who video taped the show had copied an X-rated movie over the kid’s program! ROFL!!!

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The only time I got “into trouble” in school was senior year of high school. I put into trouble in quotations because for some ridiculous reason I wanted to experience detention at least once before I graduated. I purposely came in late and didn’t sign in and so I got sent the detention slip. I told my parents proudly, they thought I was ridiculous but didn’t care. As for detention itself…it was okay. It was supposed to be a 30 min thing, but I showed up 15 min late because I had things to do. The teacher seemed annoyed about that but I explained to her matter of fact that it’s Christmas time and I am in charge of the Toy drive and I had to round up all the toys before I could spare time to stay quiet for a few minutes. I was probably very obnoxious but she could tell I was a good student and I got away with it.

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@PnL I got away with stuff too. In HS, in the 70’s, we actually had a smoking court yard, where we could go at lunch and smoke! (Wouldn’t happen today, boys!) You were supposed to have a card signed by your parents to be there. I wasn’t about to ask my folks to sign it! Every so often a teacher would come in, and kids would make a mad dash for the other door. They usually got rounded up and busted…but not me. Not one time did they ever ask to see my smoking card! I was a good kid, too.

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@Val123 That is just a teacher’s worst nightmare!

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Yes all the time. The most recent one was a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting on my then boyfriends desk and didn’t get off when the teacher told me to. Why didn’t I get off? Because there was some chick sitting on a guys lap and the teacher didn’t tell them anything. So we both got sent to the principals office for “arguing” with him. And when I got home in the afternoon I checked the phone for messages and deleted the one that the school sent saying I went to the office. My parents never found out.

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@Tink1113 I had a major problem as a kid. My mom was clairvoyant! I’m sorta serious!

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@Val123 Clairvoyant? Hehe :)

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@Tink1113 It was awful! Couldn’t get away with NUTTIN’! You’d walk in the house, she’d take one look at you and say, “Alright. What’d you do.” And she some how figured it out anyway if you didn’t tell her!

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@Val112 Oh haha, mine doesn’t really care. And I’m used to getting in trouble :P

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Yeah, I skipped a half day of school in 12th grade, but since I hadn’t broken any rules before, when I was caught sneaking back in from Kopp’s Custard, I just got a stern warning.

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I got in trouble all the time in high school. Though the one that really sticks out is the time I was in Biology, and I had a question for the teacher. Well, she always helped everybody else, and never helped me, so on that particular day, I threw a book at her called her a stupid b@#$h, I got sent to the dean, who bought me lunch, then sent to the principal who helped me file a complaint with the district. My parents never found out about the book, or name calling. They only knew that she always ignored me.

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I also got in trouble my senior year for the senior prank. I brought in 19 chickens, and labeled them 1–20 I skipped 18. So the teachers were looking for a chicken that didn’t exist. My parents found out about that one, and laughed their aces off.

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