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How do I dance at a school dance?

Asked by smile1 (493points) October 18th, 2009

soo…I’ve never really gone to a club, or a party and danced…

I have no idea how to. The max of my abilities is bobbing my head to the beat (I dont even know if I stay with the beat…)

I dont want to be awkward at the dance coming up… how do I quickly learn to do something so I wont be awkward?

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1 step, 2 step, 1 step, 2 step.

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It’s all about confidence. :)

Awkwardness is really just a projection of how you’re feeling about yourself. Whatever you can do to be more confident: practicing, relaxing, and mainly just having fun.

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Oooh – there’s that scene in Hitch that might help… let me see if it’s on YouTube…

Here it is!

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I always find it’s much easier to dance with booze in me. However, since you’re going to a school dance and you’re presumably underage I cannot encourage this.

ben is right though, confidence is key. Don’t worry about looking awkward, everyone else is too worried about the exact same thing to notice if you’re awkward anyway!

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As with here on line. hang with the collective. If this is your first, no doubt there will be several that are also experiencing their first time awkwardness too. Watch what the other kids do. It’s not real complicated. Hang out for a while. Then, select someone who is also looking at the floor and ask him/her to dance and Bang! Or you could wait for someone to ask you, but it would take a longer time to lose the awkwardness.

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hmm. i hope so…

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Look around at people dancing- pretty much everyone looks kind of dumb when you get down to it. The ones who are having fun are the ones who just don’t care.

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Just do what feels right.
Either way, I’m positive you won’t be the only one looking stupid.
Note: Spike the punch and you will all dance like The Russian Ballet.

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