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What's a nice, quiet coffee shop that opens late around Union Square SF?

Asked by oddiess (57points) October 20th, 2009

I’d like to go to a nice coffee/book place at night after work, what is a place that opens late but isn’t loud? I live around Union Square, so hopefully it’s within walking distance (1–2 miles).

Nice comfy couches would be a plus! Thanks!

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I don’t know the San Francisco area very well but here are a few places in that area with good reviews from locals. Follow the links for more info and to review customer comments for yourself. I hope this helps!

Jasmin’s Cafe is on 809 Bush Street and open til 10pm.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is on 773 Market St and also open til 10pm.

Latte Express is on 48 5th St and open 24 hours! Looks like they serve lots of other foods so it will probably have a bit less of a coffee/book place atmosphere and more of a restaurant feeling. However, they will be open no matter what time you get off work.

I found these listings and many more like them Yelp. You can access and explore more listings for places to get a coffee, as well as customer reviews of these places here:

Here is a tinyurl, in case the longer link above gets broken:

I hope you find a good place to go after work. Good Luck!

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