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I just found I have coats disease...

Asked by mikeyC (100points) February 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

So they say put needle in the eye every six month . Just what I want to do NOT but thats what doc said and that day is getting close. What would you do? Anyone anything please

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Have you gotten a second opinion on the treatment option for the stage of Coats disease that you have from another Ophthalmologist? What is the purpose of getting the needle in your eye every six months? I have this disease too and I’ve never had anyone stick a needle in my eye. I just get my pupils dilated every year, when I get my eye exam for glasses.

Good Luck!

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No I’m going to do that (get second opinion)yes they dilate every year as well . I never realized I had Coats and the doctor specialist said it is normal found in childhood . So why? But anyway the needle is a treatment with a new type of med . Sorry I don’t have the name of it with me but I think it was Avasten ? Spelling might be off , its used for other eye problems and I guess great results too. The downside is some ppl 2% get this really nasty brain disease after a year . Otherwise the decision would be easy . I just started not seeing well out of my left eye and then I went got my eyes checked got glasses , they said after the setting how’s that? I said they feel great ( glasses) but what’s going on why can’t I see better you know after you get new glasses you see better or the same. So they had me see the doc again ( same day) he said oh you need to go see the specialist now as in RIGHT NOW . So thats about it trying to make a long story short anyway. Good luck to you and thanks I will get that second opinion . So if you notice your eyes not focusing right….. Get help now and I wish you well. Sorry so long.

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