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How do you type?

Asked by xgunther (446points) February 3rd, 2008

Do you use your home row keys like how Mavis Beacon taugh us? (haha) OR do you use your pointers?

I use my pointers, but i type extremely fast. Just as fast as a home row key typer, if not faster.

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haha i’m really curious to see you type!
i’m a home row man.

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Did Mavis tell you to put the last “t” on taught?:)

I learned how to touch-type, not from Mavis, but from the woman who taught us shorthand as well – back in the days when women had to be prepared…to be submissive and deferential.

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Before I used my pointers… but last march break, I taught myself to touch-type Dvorak Keyboard (its freaks a lot of people out)

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what is touch-type?

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I hunt & peck very quickly- with many typos, as evidenced by my fluther posts.

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@ xgunther: touch typing is typing without having to look at the keys.

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Home row Joe.

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Touch-type, and after 10 years of constant homework on the computer, I am extremely fast and generall just as accurate.

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Home row and speedy.

@gailcalled: my gf still takes shorthand like it’s a native tongue. It was her favorite subject in HS.

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Touch-typing (or home row, as I guess it is called now) uses all fingers on both hands, except thumbs. Starting and resting position: L. hand, pinky on A, ring finger on S, middle finger on D, pointer on F; R. hand, pointer on J, middle finger on K, ring finger on L, pinky on semi-colon;.

Then you practice. L pinky goes from A to Q or Z (up or down) etc. It took me about 6 weeks in the mornings only.All other fingers stay in starting position. Of course, I have to peek when I do the numbers and F keys.

Typing on a computer keyboard doesn’t compare to the weight-bearing exercise required to use the typewriters I started on. 6 carbons, white-out, smudges, sticking keys in spite of QWERTY.

@kev: I use some of my shorthand all the time when I am taking notes – as on phone calls to insurance cos., tech support, etc.

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I use qwerty, but have several friends who use (and swear by) dvorak.

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Touch-type, as I have been for over 20 years now.

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