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Why does my weight fluctuate so much?

Asked by deni (23042points) October 23rd, 2009

Right now I weigh 130. The past month or so it’s been about 130 exactly every time I’ve checked. However, before that, I would be 125, then 130 the next week, then 120…I got as low as 108 and as high as 140 but the thing is my clothes always fit almost the same even though somehow there was a 30 pound difference there ultimately. I was never sick and I never felt bad, but my weight was all over the place. I used the same 2 scales each time and they always gave me the same weight, so I don’t think it was just a bad scale. I’ve been curious about this though. Any ideas?

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My weight fluctuates a bit, but that is because my diet seems to be quite erratic as sometimes I don’t feel like eating that much, and other times I do. It also depends on what I have available at home to eat (desserts disappear fast :p). Are you sure your diet is consistent throughout?

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The usual reason for fluctuations is fluid retention but wow 32 pounds is a lot of fluid! I can’t imagine your clothes fit the same. Did you ankles swell or fingers?

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I would trust the clothing over the scale, and my guess is fluid retention, too.

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… must be rather tall and quite slender…... I mean…... 124 lb average weight +/- 16, 1lb packages of hamburger…. is a lot to ‘distribute ’ in an unnoticeable way, otherwise…

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Are you weighing yourself the same time of day and naked? Most peole gain 2 or 3 pounds just from the morning to the evening. Fluid retention also like everyone says above. Time of month for women can influence weight gain and fluid retention also. But more than 10 pounds either way might be more than these things mentioned. I recommend weighing yourself in the morning before you eat or drink. Maybe your thyroid is whacky? Can you see a lump at the front of your neck when you look in the mirror? Is your skin very dry lately? Is your hair falling out more? Have your sleep patterns been strange, needing much more or much less sleep?

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Wow, that’s a pretty severe fluctuation! Do you weigh yourself at the same time each day? Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve eaten, your weight can fluctuate quite a bit. I would recommend weighing yourself a few hours after you’ve last eaten, so you get a more “average” reading of your weight.

If you already weigh yourself at a consistent time of the day… Well, I’m not sure what to tell you. I would agree with @Ame_Evil about a consistent diet. Maybe you’re just lucky and extra weight is distributed evenly throughout your body, so even when you’re heavier you still fit in the same clothes.

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@JLeslie None of those things really. I sleep normally, my hair hasn’t been falling out. My skin always gets dry starting around this time of year but not terribly. But I must say I never weighed myself at the same time of day. Usually just whenever I remember, so I can see how that might make a few pounds difference.

But like I’ve said, the last month or so when I’ve weighed myself it’s been 130 every single time, so I seem to have plateaued. It’s a strange thing.

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@deni Sounds like the scale isn’t accurate or you were not weighing yourself naked in the AM each day.

Start measuring yourself once a week on one specific day. You’ll find that to help your accuracy.

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STOP eating entirely and put an end to it!

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Excellent suggestion!

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Where you stand on the scale can affect its reading. Before sure to always stand in the same position and don’t lean too far in any one direction (try leaning if you want to see how much it can affect the reading).

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